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Toddler Tailgating: Finger Foods for Little Football Fans

24 October 2013

When you’re planning your football parties this season, be sure to involve your littlest football fans in the fun! Here are a few finger food ideas for your toddler and young children:

- dry cereal

- cooked carrot slices or cubes

- sliced or cubed bananas

- cooked noodles

- broccoli “trees” – easier for little ones if they are cooked well to soften

- mini cheese sandwiches – it’s easy and fun to use cookie cutters on these to make themed snacks

- other bread cutouts with a veggie puree or spread

- sweet potato fries – cut slices of sweet potato and bake (cover to make it softer for newer finger food eaters)

- peas

- fruit cuts – watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, pears

- avocado chunks, slices, or puree for dipping


Always monitor young children with finger foods and only give them what their ready for.  Many children will start showing interest in finger foods around 7 – 9 months, while others won’t start eating solids until later.  It all depends on your parenting style and your child’s interest level.


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