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How to Find the Perfect Portland Day Care

21 November 2013

Picking out a Portland day care center to send your child to shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. It’s a decision that requires research, trial and error. Here are a few tips to help parents find a Portland day care that’s right for them:


Step 1: Establish what you’re looking for.

Determine what matters most to you. Is it cost? Is it location? How large of a teacher to student ratio are you willing to deal with? Which learning philosophies do you value most? Are their any special health requirements, whether it be dietary or otherwise, that need to be considered in the process? It may help to create a physical list that prioritizes your Portland day care criteria.


Step 2: Gather information.

This is where Mom Trusted is here to help. We do the research for you and save you a ton of time surfing the web. Just use our day care search tool and type in your zip code and review a giant list of day care options.


Step 3: Sort through your options.

Mom Trusted can lend a virtual hand here too. Click the “show filters” button and sort by rates, age and type of care. Then, read through your options (even after you’ve filtered through, we’re betting you still have a lot to choose from) and jot down any that catch your eye.


Step 4: Visit your favorite Portland day care candidates.

After you’ve selected a handful of centers that seem like they might be good fits, set up visits. With many of our listed day cares, you can schedule tours directly from Mom Trusted. If not, we’ll provide contact information to call the provider and set one up. Once you tour the day cares and get a feel for them, it will be much easier to pick the one that will work best for your family.



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