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Child Care Resource and Referral Agency

18 December 2018

Child Care Resource and Referral, also known as CCR&R, is an avenue for families and communities to get childcare for all children and families. Most communities have an agency that provides these services. The types of services that these agencies provide vary based on the needs of the community as well as the outlook of community leaders. To see a brief overview about a child care resource and referral agency program, view this video:

To get a visual of an actual child care resource and referral program in practice currently, take a look at this awesome YMCA program that offers solutions, resources, and even free services and programs for all family types: here. They offer a free search for child care, information on how to select a program that meets the needs of your family, links to community agencies that offer support, military family support resources, a resource library containing books and activities for kids, information for those who want to attend college, programs for children with developmental disabilities, and also professional development for child care providers themselves. The YMCA also has a hotline where families can get information about financial assistance for child care.

If you search, “child care resource and referral agency” and add your home state onto the end of it, you will likely find an entire website specific to your state and resources. For example, take a look at the website for the Division of Child Care Services for New York. It contains a lot of links similar to those of the YMCA webpage but also contains tons of information specific to each county in the state. One would simply need to follow the link to their local county child care resource and referral agency or email someone in their county that could give them more information specific to their home location. The state websites are also great because you can view state specific regulations, policies, and laws.

If you are simply looking for child care in your area, any of these resources would be a great place to start. Also there are a few websites that are created for the sole purpose of helping families find child care in their area. To get started simply add in your zip code here: MomTrusted

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