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Super Cute Valentine Day Gifts for First Time Mom

27 January 2021

Valentine’s day is an important day for couples globally, especially those with new-borns. For a first-time mom, Valentine’s Day can be a day filled with love and happiness, relishing in their new little family. There are many different gifts that you can purchase to surprise a new mother, but there are a few that really stand out to us. Below are seven cute and thoughtful presents that a first-time mom may really enjoy.

1. Pictures of your New Family

This is a very sentimental gift that can be showcased in your family home for years to come. If you can schedule some professional photos of mum and her newborn together prior to Valentine’s Day that would be great. Nevertheless, amateur or more real-life photos are still a great gift and would look lovely in any home. In fact, most of the time the more realistic photos look better as opposed to posed, professional ones. It really depends on your preference.

2. Personalised Clothing

Purchasing some personalized clothing either with pictures or writing that expand on the fact that your partner is a new mom is a great gift. You can get your favorite picture of the child onto a shirt, hoodie, or any piece of clothing. You can also get some great mom quotes and other more humorous pieces too. These items can be kept for years to come and can hold some great thought-provoking value for both the mother and child.

3. Feet and Hand Molds

Gifting a new mom with the molds of their babies’ hands or feet is really thoughtful present. New moms are mad about their children, and rightfully so, this gift will allow them to have some ornaments to cherish. Feet and hand molds can be done in many locations, or you can purchase a home kit and attempt to do them yourself. These gifts will be kept forever, so it is important to invest in a good quality molding service.

4. A Night Off Coupon

This gift is a great option for a more last-minute solution, but one that is still caring. You can create some homemade coupons for your partner to give them a bit of me-time. This is especially thoughtful due to the extreme amount of effort and pressure a new mother has to deal with on a daily basis. This is a very cute and playful present that could be an absolute godsend for a new mother.

5. A Spa Day

Organizing a spa day for a new mother could be a really relaxing break that they need. As most new mothers would not want to leave their children for an extended period, it would be a good idea to opt for a day spa package. You can either create your own present by speaking to the spa directly, or you can search around for deals and offers on luxury spa days. There are also some postnatal spas that specialize in treatments for new mothers. This could be a really thoughtful and useful gift for a new mother.

6. A Baby Book

As a first time mum, keepsakes are a really important gift that they will cherish. A baby board book is sturdy, timeless, and can help you capture some of the most important moments in your child’s early years. Creating a baby book can be done online really easily, you just have to supply the website with your own pictures and a storyline if you prefer. You can customize your book whichever way you see fit and create such a cute keepsake. You can also include sections where they can keep on adding to the book. You could leave spaces for a first tooth, the first lock of hair, or any other monumental developments for a child.

7. Personalised Jewelry

Purchasing some personalized mum jewelry could be a great way to give your partner something to remember and wear forever. There are some really tasteful pendants and necklaces that you are able to customize with photos of both the mother and child. Lockets are a great idea too; these are more traditional and are historically kept for life. You can also get some more casual mom-related jewelry that can be worn in everyday situations, the website associated with the matter The Eternity Rose mentions.

Closing Thoughts

Depending on the preference of the first-time mom, some of these presents may bear more relevance than others. These are here to give you some ideas and really focus on spoiling on the new mother and celebrating her little family. It is a great idea to purchase something that she will be able to keep and use forever.

It is important to really think about the mother’s personal preferences before you purchase a valentines gift. If they prefer practical gifts or romantic gifts, you should be able to tailor your gift to best suit them as a priority. Above are some thoughtful, cute ideas to help you get the ball rolling with this.

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