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Letter i believe that the love and care that a parent and child care provider can give are very important to the child’s developing sense of self confidence. Working together with an open line of communication we can both provide your child with the best possible love and care.
I enjoy and am dedicated to my profession. The more knowledge you have about children the more you can meet their needs as they grow. Meeting the physical, emotional and educational needs of children is something I have always wanted to do. Having a structured environment that encourages children to learn at their own pace. Activities that stimulate the sensory, motor development, social communication skills, and creativity. Listen with pride when your child brings home the first words of a second language. Courtesy and respect for persons and property are values that were taught to me, and I teach those values to the children in my care.

Child Ages:
3 weeks - 4 years
Years of Experience:
> 5 years
Licenses & Accreditations:
Sign Language for infants and toddlers May 2008
Exploring music with infants and Toddlers March 2008
Disaster Preparedness Course
Tantrum Training
February 2006
Exploring Language & Literacy
February 2006
Child Observation
March 2006
Social & Emotional Development and Classroom Management
April 2006
Supporting Young Bilinguals
May 2006
Math & Science for Young Children
June 2006
"Ooey Gooey Lady"
April 2005
Loss, trauma, and young children
May 2003
Partnering with parents
June 2001
Setting limits with Love
May 2001
Infant Toddler Conference
June 2000
Second helpings the provider, the business, the family
November 1999
Family child care at its best - child care
training series
June 1999
Managing difficult behavior
Children's challenges
November 1996
Golden Hills Association of Education of Young Children
October 1996
Thinking about childrens behavior
March 1996
Infant Toddler Consortium
January 1996
Come play with us
April 1995
Prevention Policies and Prevention of Infectious diseases, and Prevention of Health Practice
September 1994
Injury Prevention
September 1994
Started Home Preschool Program
September 1994
A guide to social and emotional growth
November 1993
Accredited by NAFDC
October 1993
Infant and Toddler caregiving
October 1993
Family to family
October 1991
This provider does not accept vouchers
CPR Certified:
Number of Children per Teacher:
12 children per 3 teachers
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm
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Jeff Garrett

Gizela Renkel (Teddy Bear's Loving Care) is not a good daycare provider...she's Great! We can't imagine a more attentive and affectionate daycare environment for our daughter.

Eri Pruett

Gizela and her team are amazing caregivers that I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend. My son started at Teddy Bear Loving Daycare when he was an year and a half old. At that age he was pretty needy, crying whenever one of us were out of sight, and I worried about him going to daycare. However, thanks to Gizela’s warm and supportive environment, he adjusted much more quickly than I could have imagined. Gizela and her team are pros: her home is loving, safe, and accepting, and she knows how to talk to children in a way that is straightforward and never condescending. Now, two years later, my son is excited to go to daycare every day. Even when he has an occasional off day and doesn’t want us to leave, Gizela works her magic and he’s all smiles a few minutes later. She even handled potty training for him: we didn’t have to lift a finger, and now he’s so proud to be able to use the toilet on his own. Teddy Bear Loving Daycare is a fantastic daycare and we have nothing but good things to say about Gizela and her team. This care of this quality is extremely difficult to find, and we feel very lucky to have been able to send our son there.

Holly Thompson

Gizela knows everything about baby and toddler well-being and development. She has an amazing ability to connect with children, they immediately trust and love her. Gizela has a consistently sweet temperament and knows how to make a fun, enriching experience for children. Having both of my children attend her home daycare was one of the best decisions, if not THE best decision I have made for my children. They thrived in her care and nothing made me happier than the rush for the door when it was time to go to Zela's.

Corey Vanderwouw

I was so glad to have Gizela take care of my kids. She is extremely caring to the kids. I knew that all of their needs were being met and that they were safe and happy. She is a wonderful childcare giver.


My two youngest kids spent years at Gizela. She is a warm and caring person, passionate about her job and a wonderful "second mom" to kids. I trust her intrinsically. There is no better person to help you raise your children!

verified current parent

I recommend Gizela wholeheartedly! She took care of my son from infancy to 3 years. He is almost in 3rd grade and has warm memories of his time with her. She was caring , thoughtful, reliable, highly attuned to my son and took care of his social and emotional needs along with his physical needs. She is truly passionate about what she does and knows how to nurture children with a variety of temperaments. My son really thrived there and feel grateful to know such a special person.

verified current parent

Gizela and her staff have provided a very supportive and loving atmosphere for my son since he was 1 year old and he enjoys his days there. I highly recommend her!

verified current parent

Gizela has such a big heart and the kids can feel her loving care in all that she does. She is consistent and fair which makes for a very comfortable environment for the children in her care. She works magic with the kids on a daily basis - they are well-behaved, happy, and confidant.

verified current parent

I could sing Gizela's praises for days. She is amazing with children: firm and fair, strong and soft, cute and confident, a stabilizing force in their lives. I trust Gizela with my children with much more confidence than I have ever trusted a caretaker. It's a little bit sad that my daughter is moving on to big school next year, as I've heard that the kids learn more with Gizela than at pre-school. :o) She is the "creme de la creme!"

verified current parent

I feel so blessed that we found Gizela's loving, nurturing and fun daycare! All three of my children went to Teddy Bear's Loving Care and Gizela and her amazing team not only took care of their day to day needs but gave them so much attention, love and caring. Gizela's place is truly wonderful and special!

verified current parent

Although it has been many years now since my daughter was in Gizela's care, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as a child care provider. I am certain she is still the warm, loving and conscientious caregiver that I remember. She created a home-away-from-home for my daughter who still talks about Gizela and her wonderful daycare! We miss her! I wish her all the best!

verified current parent

She genuinely loves kids and is great at teaching them how to interact with other kids and adults. She cares deeply for each child at her daycare!

verified current parent

Gizela runs a tight (but warm, fun, and extremely loving) ship. She was fabulous with my ADHD child and knew the best way to work with him from age 2 to 4. She continues to give me advice whenever I ask, 6 years later. I would trust Gizela to raise my son if anything happened to me. She'd probably do a better job. ;-)

verified current parent

Gizela is warm and most of all someone our family trusts. Our first-born has been in her care since he was 4 months old, and has learned so many things!

verified current parent

Gizela and her daycare is the most loving and caring place outside your own home. She helped nurture and raise our boys from 3 months even to this day (12 years later). The boys love her so much, they still beg to attend her 'date nights', which are geared for younger children!!! It gives parents a few hours to have a nice dinner; and our older son is now even 'helping' out at Gizela's events. Gizela is not only a wonderful solution to daycare, but she is an amazing person with a heart of gold!

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