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10+ years of home childcare experience;
3 years public school teaching experience;
Will help with homework;
Will teach pre-school material;
Meticulously clean home;
12 years social work experience (great understanding of how families work);
Provide healthy snacks;
Do what is best for your child;
Careful supervision and tender care along with educational games;
CPR and First Aid Certified

Full-time and part-time newborns welcome as well as kids of any age

(Mothers of newborns have the opportunity to nurse during lunch)

Home phone number: 972-985-1297
Cell phone number: 214-417-2125

Child Ages:
3 weeks - 10 years
Years of Experience:
> 5 years
Licenses & Accreditations:
With the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
This provider does not accept vouchers
CPR Certified:
Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday
7:00AM – 5:30PM
Extended Hours Available
Parents' Night Out Available
There is currently no information provided

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Valerie Burrows

My son has attended Zari's daycare since he was 8 weeks old. He is now 18 months old. Zari is a wonderful child care provider. She has worked with me when I had to work late and provided dinner for my son on those few occasions I had to be late. My son absolutely adores her and I feel very comfortable leaving him in her care. All of the children who attend her daycare seem to be well advanced of other children their ages. The one thing I appreciated the most was, when he was first born, she allowed me to come at lunch time and breast feed my baby to help with my separation anxiety and his as well. It was a wonderful transition. I highly recommend Zari and her daycare to any parent.

nina smith

Hello parents, I have been taking my daughter to Zari's since she was 3 months old. We had an extensive phone interview after which my husband and I visited her house. What I liked was that it wasn't just us asking her questions - she had questions for us too. She had questions about our preferences in handling our daughter’s needs, our schedules, etc. Zari has had many years of experience in caring for children and as a substitute teacher. She has also worked as a social worker and is able to effectively handle many different types of children and families. From our first meeting it was apparent that Zari was a very warm and caring person. And visiting her home and talking with her, we knew we had the right place. Infant Care - She was very careful to follow all of our requests in regards to our daughter's care from how she handled milk preparation to her diapering needs. Also while I was nursing, she allowed me to come on my lunch break and nurse my baby. I cannot tell you how much this helped reduce the separation anxiety for both me and my child. It also a) allowed me to keep my milk supply up b) allowed me to pump less c) gave us more bonding time. Visiting my child during the day is one of many ways Zari helped our family. And that is really what Zari does - she helps families and does what is best for the child. Zari’s flexibility and experience allowed her to effectively and easily handle diaper rashes, teething, changing eating habits, basic medications (IE baby advil or tylenol) and all of those things that come up during the infant age. Love/Food - Zari helped my child grow by following my specifications on eating and drinking. She also provides healthy snacks for the children. She encourages the eating of real food as opposed to processed foods. She did everything in her power to ensure that I knew my child was properly cared for every single day. She didn’t just go through the motions of feeding, diapering, etc. She loved and cuddled and rocked her, sang to her and read to her. I could tell from the way my daughter acted towards Zari that she was content. She was always happy at drop off time and would continue to talk and ask about Zari when we were at home and on weekends. I could see a strong bond of love between them that made me feel very secure and happy about having Zari in our lives. Cleanliness/Safety - Her house is obviously baby proofed and is also immaculately clean and neat. When you walk in, it doesn’t feel like a home daycare because everything neatly put in its place. The children are allowed to play with anything they want but it goes back on the shelf when they are done. I honestly could not have asked for a cleaner and safer environment. Babies tend to make all kinds of make messes. If my daughter would get her outfit dirty Zari would immediately change her and always wash out by hand as much as she could prior to our arrival for pick up. Again this is another example how she tried to make life easier for our family. She knows we are both working and she knows time is a precious commodity. This kind of exceptional care is absolutely priceless and something you will never get from a daycare facility. She remained in constant communication with us if anything came up with our daughter; she called me or my husband right away to let us know. Learning - Zari is very passionate about teaching. She partners with the parents to educate the children. She conducts lessons for the children (simpler things like ABCs for the smaller ones and more complex things like reading/math for the older ones) in her home and also encourages parents to review at home so they can play an active role as well in their child’s development. Children who stay with her through pre-school age are all 100% prepped and ready for Kindergarden just as if they had gone to a preschool. Discipline - Zari is a strict disciplinarian. This is not only for the child’s wellbeing but for their safety as well (to keep the children from possibly harming themselves or others.) She teaches them from a very small age what is acceptable behavior. She encourages apologizing for wrong doing and helps children step out of their shell and realize that there is a world full of people with feelings around them. Drop Off/Pick Up - Zari has set hours but on special occasions she gave us flexibility on those times. We all try to adhere to schedules as much as possible but sometimes life has other plans and Zari is conscious and understanding of this. Overall I am very happy with the service Zari has provided us for the last 4 years. We feel so very blessed to have her in our lives. She is not only a care giver to us; she is like family now. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who lives nearby. She does what is best for the child and for the family. Her service is exceptional.

Emily deLarios

We were desperate to find a personal, caring provider for our infant son. he was attending a well known, quality day care center but he was continually getting sick. In addition, he was one child in a room full of babies. we had decided that we did not want this for our son. We interviewed many care providers who work within their homes because we were looking for a more intimate, caring environment for our son. After interviewing the most qualified, we were still at a crossroads. There was always something with the other providers that was not quite right. We were in dire straights until we received a call from Mrs. Zari. She seemed very eager to teach our son. She explained of her many qualifications, including being a teacher and a social worker as well has a mother of two herself. We decided to leave our son with her. It was the single best decision we have made concerning his care outside of our own home. Mrs. Zari loves all of her children. She doesn't just love children in general but becomes a surrogate grand mother to the children under her care. She loves, teachers, corrects, and parents her children. Not only does she provide a warm and caring home away from home but she extends that level of care to the parents of her children as well. There have been many a days were Zari has told us, "It's ok, I will watch him until 7pm. You have work to do." or "bring him early, it's ok" and even one time I had mixed up my days and brought him over at 8am on a Saturday and her response was, "It's ok, I will watch him for you". I would trust no one else with my son during this very important time in his life. Zari had not only provided the best loving and learning environment but she has also become part of our family.

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