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Our curriculum is unique because it has
developed and evolved through years
of experience and observing what
actually works with children. In
designing our curriculum we have used
the Montessori philosophy as the
foundation and combined it with aspects from other
impressive programs such as the Steiner Philosophy the
Reggio Emilia Approach and Developmental Play. In order for
children to have a well rounded learning experience we offer a
diverse range of extra-curricular activities as part of our
curriculum (click on the link below to find out more about the
enrichment program)
Enrichment Program
Our Director of Curriculum Mrs. Shamsa Tanvir has
designed our curriculum. She has a degree in Education and
over 25 years of experience in the field of early childhood
education.Some of the key features of our curriculum are:
Multi-age grouping: Children are grouped in mixed ages
and abilities 18 months – 3 years 3 – 6 years. There is
constant interaction problem solving child-to-child
teaching and socialization. Children are challenged
according to their ability and never bored.
Learning Centers: Each class has learning centers for
language math practical life sensorial and
science/geography. Children are free to move around and
choose activities from the learning centers.
Portfolio Assessment: There are no grades or other
forms of reward or punishment subtle or overt.
Assessment is by portfolio and the teacher’s
observation and record keeping. The test of whether or
not the system is working lies in the accomplishment and
behavior of the children their happiness maturity
kindness love of learning and level of work.
Role/Imaginary Play: The
Steiner philosophy suggests
children learn through
imitation and doing.
Imaginary play is considered
the most important “work”
of the young child and the
activity through which the child grows physically
intellectually and emotionally. A portion of the school
morning is devoted to uninterrupted imaginary play.
Art: The Reggio Emilia
Approach is a model of early
childhood program which has
been receiving considerable
attention all over the world.
It comes from Reggio Emilia a
town in northern Italy and the
system emphasizes art in the
child’s environment. We use art as an integral part of
our curriculum as it allows children to express
themselves and helps develop their creativity and motor
skills. In addition we ensure that children are in an
aesthetically pleasing physical environment which is
conducive to their learning.
Reading Program: As
children turn four they are
exposed to a formal
reading program. The
reading scheme consists of
various levels and children
progress to the next level
based on their skills and readiness. The books are
independent/take home reading. The teacher interacts
with a child on a one to one basis to introduce review
and change a book. Any three year old attaining a
required level of readiness will be placed in the reading
Language Program: We
use the LetterLand
Series as part of our
language program.
Letterland is a
multi-model system for
teaching children to
read write and spell.
The secret of its
worldwide success lies
in its pictogram characters set in a delightful place
called Letterland. Letterland characters are a careful
fusion of letters and animated characters. These simple
powerful images contain the basic phonic information
that children need for accessing print.
Organic & Nutritious Snacks:
We believe that the key to
healthy growth and learning is
healthy nutrition. We serve
wholesome and organic snacks to
children. Children at the
Preschool are provided with a
morning and afternoon snack.
Lunch has to be brought from

Child Ages:
6 weeks - 6 years
Licenses & Accreditations:
Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
Hours of Operation:
07:00 AM-06:00 PM Monday - Friday

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  • Menus, Activities, and more...

we believe……..
…..education starts at birth.The first
years bring windows of opportunity
that open a childs life forever. The
greatest gift we can give a child is a
preschool education at a high-quality
we believe……..
…..in a progressive approach to
learning. We believe that effective
early learning programs tend to
borrow best practice and take
guiding principles from a number of
models. There are many early learning
philosophies that exist and new ones
keep emerging based on new research
we believe………
……Children teach themselves and at the
same time they like some level of
organization and discipline. Children have
natural tendencies toward exploration
hard work creativity and
communication. Our goal is to create a
learning environment which feeds the
evolving passions of the children.
we believe……..
……that at the early childhood stage
children are entirely given over to
their physical surroundings absorbing
their world through their senses and
responding through imitation.
Therefore adults concerned with
young children including parents
teachers and caregivers have a
responsibility to create an
environment worthy of unquestioning
we believe………
…….art is a very important learning
tool. It allows children to express
themselves and at the same time
develops their creativity. Just as
art is an integral part of a
curriculum we believe an artisitic
and aesthetically pleasing physical
environment is equally key in early
we believe………
……each child is an unique individual
who takes an active role in his or her
own learning and development. The
deep respect demonstrated toward
children and the quality of the
relationships between adults and
children is a key premise in designing
our program.
we believe………
…….your child is very special to you …….and us.


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