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Subjects: Vocabulary Lessons, Grammar Lessons, Reading Lessons, Writing Lessons, English Lessons, Spelling Lessons, Elementary Math Lessons, Elementary science Lessons, and Elementary (K-6th) Lessons

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Reading and math tutor

Helping students to succeed is my number one priority! I take the time to explain concepts and ideas at my students’ level to make sure they understand what I am teaching them. I patiently work examples with them and help them learn to correct their own mistakes. I also assist with homework if necessary. Above all, I help students to gain confidence in themselves so that they can succeed! I have worked with students from kindergarten through 12th grade in the subjects of reading, writing, …

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3 weeks - 17 years
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verified wyzant user

Shatica M. from Willis, MI As a single and working mom, I am constantly looking for ways to spend more time to focus on my son's reading and overall educational development. I was introduced to WyzAnt and thus found Janet. My son began reading and math lessons with Janet as he was just about to enter 1st grade. I loved how she took time to get to know him during the first few sessions which in turn made him more receptive and built the trust needed for him to succeed. I saw results after the very first session, meaning my son was asking me "mom, when is she coming back." Any mom knows that's a great sign of things to come. Here we are almost a year later and my son has breezed through 1st grade. Janet not only taught my son reading skills and math comprehension, she taught him soft skills such as how to ask questions when he doesn't understand as well as ways to make learning fun. I can go on and on... I am more than pleased with Janet. I ask her all the time, "Can you tutor my son until he goes off to College" (he-he). All in all... she is awesome. I have referred my friends and colleagues to her as well.

verified wyzant user

Michelle N. from Clinton Township, MI My son had a tough time in 2nd grade math so I decided to have Ms. Jan tutor him in the summer so he wouldn't fall behind. All I can say is I'm so glad I did! He loves to go to tutoring (actually looks forward to it) and is catching on very quickly. It seems as though she has turned the "math switch" on in his head so now he gets it! Kudos to Ms. Jan!

verified wyzant user

Ruth L. from New Baltimore, MI I am very impressed with how dedicated Janet is to her calling as a tutor. She is not content to just show up and do a "good" job. She goes above and beyond using whatever works to get her student to get past learning roadblocks. My granddaughter is making progress with each session and is excited about learning now. She was failing in most of her subjects last school year (3rd grade). Social Studies and Math were her worst subjects. She has gotten A's on the last three tests in Social Studies and with Janet's help is finally grasping her multiplication skills through a new way of memorizing using stories. I can not say enough good things about my experience with this tutor and WyzAnt!

verified wyzant user

LaTonya C. from New Baltimore, MI Janet is truly amazing!!! My son teacher called me at work today because she gave him a reading test to see what level he was at, she stated to me "I had to call you to let you know that I was testing Aaron today on his reading an I can't believe that I had to stop him after four books of reading without making a mistaking! I'M HAPPY to let you know that he is now at grade level". She also asked me if it's was okay for her to share Aaron's story with other teachers, because when Aaron begin with Janet he was at a D level that level is considerably below 1st grade. So now he is at the level that he's suppose to be, which is 2nd grade. Janet is awesome, the progress that Aaron has made in 4 months is truly amazing, she has not only improved his reading, but has built up his confidence. Now he loves to read, he's reading chapter books at home to me! Thanks Janet for all that you do!

verified wyzant user

Norm L. from New Baltimore, MI Jan has made me as ready as I can be, she helped me find myself understanding math and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks for everything.

verified wyzant user

Jason M. from Clinton Township, MI I selected Janet from a list of many tutors. I was looking for an ASVAB tutor for my son and saw that this was one of her specialties. She is very passionate about what she does and it comes out in her tutoring. Janet tutored my son for several months in preparation for his exam. She is excellent, he felt very comfortable with her right away and she is very dedicated. Thanks to Janet, my son is going to live his dream by joining the United States Marine Corp. I highly recommend her for any tutoring!!

verified wyzant user

Regina W. from Warren, MI I was impressed with Janet's knowledge of the subject matter as well as her patience with my son who can prove to be very difficult at times. I believe that things can only get better and we look forward to working with her again.

verified wyzant user

Carrie S. from Clinton Township, MI Janet is great with the kids and is really to teach at their level. My daughter starts to struggle and Janet is able to get her right back on track. She does a great job with new material and is able to teach so my daughter is able to understand. Janet really is a great tutor who is able to help you child.

verified wyzant user

Cyrena P. from Roseville, MI I hit the jackpot seriously when I found Mrs. P. She is a very caring, patient and kind-hearted tutor who has a love for kids and it shows in her teachings. My son, who is entering the 3rd grade this year has learned so much over the past 4 weeks that Mrs. P has been tutoring him. She has a passion for teaching and children, and I absolutely love her for that. I love the way she communicates on a daily basis logging each daily tutoring session online so I can go in and view the lessons taught and the progress my son is making. Another plus is the fact that she is very accommodating with setting up tutoring sessions. We have a very convenient location for the both of us, and she is very self-conscious about timing. I count it a privilege and an honor to be able to have Mrs. P assist my son with his reading and math. My son is more confident and comfortable with applying the application of math concepts as well as reading and being able to comprehend his readings. My son adores Mrs. P, he is eager to attend every session. I am 100% satisfied with her tutoring my son and I am grateful for her bringing out the potential in my son. The progress my son has made is phenomenal. If you are looking for a sincere, patient tutor, look no further. --God bless you Mrs. P, for your caring, passionate heart for teaching children.

verified wyzant user

Joan S. from Clinton Township, MI What can I state about Jan, she is the best thing that has come into my son's life! My son was labeled "cognitively impaired" within the public school system. I have had Jan tutoring my son for 1 1/2 years and prior to her coming into his life he could not read, math was a total loss and had absolutely no enthusiasm with the learning process. That has all changed, he now reads at a 3rd grade level, can do multiplication and division and has a renewed enthusiasm to learn. He watches the history channel now instead of cartoons, loves learning about history that Jan is incorporating this into her lessons. In a word, my son would not be who is is today without Jan in his life, LOVE HER! It is now 2012, Jan is still in our lives and we are blessed that she is here. I decided to home school my son since the "no child left behind" actually left him behind. My son has language art skills of 4-6 grade (according to my worksheets) he still has trouble communicating exactly what he means, but it you dig eventually he will open up. All in all the best decision I ever made! It is now 2013, again Jan is still in our lives and home school was the best decision, my son can now add and multiply fractions, still LOVES history, anything about the Revolution, Civil, WWI, WWII etc. loves learning about these events. Caught him watching on the computer Mythbusters and Bill Nye, now what kid at 16 watches those programs? Guess it depends how the child is brought up but he loves when she comes to tutor and is learning at a fast pace. Science / History are now at 8-9th grade level, he understands but continues to struggle with bringing forth what he actually means.

verified wyzant user

Ky'Mani M. from Mount Clemens, MI Janet has been a godsend for our 3rd grader. She has helped with all areas of school that he struggles with and had been a great help in boosting his confidence. I thank God we found her.

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