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Price starts at: $60

Subjects: Geometry Lessons

Travel policy: Will travel within 10 miles of Katy, TX 77494

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“Patient Tutor with BS degree in Mathematics Education”

I am a former high school mathematics teacher, having taught Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry. Actually having classroom experience enhances my ability to recognize student errors and quickly move toward better comprehension. I have the capability, and it is my pleasure, to customize and write my own problem sets for each of my students. On many occasions, I provide my own additional note handouts to optimize mastery of the subject matter.

I have been tutoring Katy ISD students for 4 years…

Child Ages:
3 weeks - 17 years
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verified wyzant user

Abby S. from Katy, TX Rona has been a tremendous help to my daughter. She has helped her understand the material better and given her the confidence she has needed in the class. I recommend her to anyone!

verified wyzant user

Katerina S. from Katy, TX Rona made it easier to understand geometry concepts. Explanations were detailed, understandable and straight to the point. The lesson was very helpful.

verified wyzant user

Aimee S. from Katy, TX Rona is awesome. Prior to our son's first lesson he was getting 50's in his PreAP Algebra 2 class. The day after his first session he got a 94 on a quiz on conics. He has had a total of 4 sessions with Rona and his last 2 major test grades were an 89 and an 84. The one test being an end of grading period cumulative test. He has never passed one of these cumulative tests before. This improvement in his grades is exactly what we had hoped for. His overall grade has gone from a 59 to a 77 in just a few weeks. I can't say enough good things about Rona. She is a wonderful, caring person who really knows her subject matter and can explain it in a way that my son understands it. (Something his regular teacher has been unable to do) She is worth every penny.

verified wyzant user

Diane W. from Katy, TX We're so thankful to have found Rona. Her experience in teaching math is a true asset. My son has gained confidence in geometry due to his time spent with her and has a much better understanding of the subject. He dreaded going to class because he would sit there and not understand a thing. He is now engaged and thoroughly prepared for tests and homework assignments. He even finds himself raising his hand to answer questions the teacher asks during instruction time. Rona is always prepared and current with the curriculum. I'm most impressed by how much she cares for my child's success.

verified wyzant user

Sylvia O. from Katy, TX She has been very helpful and patient with my son. I have seen his grades improve tremendously. I would recommend her to any concerned parent that is trying to help their child academically.

verified wyzant user

Yolanda H. from Katy, TX Rona has helped my son by working on his individual needs. Before each test, Rona reviews skills on his Test Review sheet and prepares him with additional possible questions.

verified wyzant user

Lisa G. from Sugar Land, TX Rona is an excellent tutor!!! She met with my daughter (was on time) and tutored her on an extensive summer Algebra 2 packet due the first day of school (11th grade Pre-AP Algebra 2 class). Rona carefully went through each problem, step by step, ensuring my daughter understood the process. She was very patient. The pace was perfect. My daughter now has a completed Algebra 2 packet, ready for the first day of school, and a sound skill base. Thank you, Rona, for being such an excellent tutor!! We will definitely use you again in the future, and refer you to other students/parents.

verified wyzant user

Kuralay C. from Katy, TX I am very satisfied with Rona's expertise and consistency of teaching material. She knows how to fill the gaps, and she does not have any wrong attitude toward students and treats them equally. I would recommend this teacher even though it may be hard at the beginning.

verified wyzant user

Diane D. from Katy, TX Rona is an excellent tutor. She is very patient, and my son actually loves going to her session. He has gone from failing math to a B in just three weeks. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

verified wyzant user

Ellie E. from Katy, TX Rona is a great teacher in one sentence; she is very knowledgeable and organized. Our daughter is so happy with her teaching and so are we.

verified wyzant user

Lena S. from Katy, TX Rona is very knowledgeable, knows how the different schools are teaching, and understands Geometry very well. She worked well with our schedule and is reasonable priced. Thanks!

verified wyzant user

Barry R. from Katy, TX I have spent a multitude of time researching for a pre - calculus tutor for my son. It took about 2 weeks to finally select and try one after reading many reviews. All tutors I researched wanted to implement a schedule around their specific needs. NOT MISS RONA. I tried Miss Rona and "hit the jackpot". On the 2nd 6 week grading period, my son got a low grade on his first major grade and an average grade on his second major grade. He did not understand all the content. Miss Rona spent 1 hour with my son before his cumulative review and score a 78%...that is almost a B! My son goes to Katy High School and she does the research for each individual high school and even looks up material used by the teacher. Incredible tutor! I will say if you are looking for immediate, verifiable results regarding math subjects, please contact Miss Rona. She knows how to educate young people.

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