Aaron R. offers Geometry Lessons and Astronomy Lessons

Tutor in Los Angeles, CA 90027

Los Angeles, CA 90027


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Price starts at: $60

Subjects: Geometry Lessons and Astronomy Lessons

Travel policy: Will travel within 2 miles of Los Angeles, CA 90027

Wyzant Tutor Rating: 5 of 5 (28 ratings total)

PhD Science and Math Tutor for all Grade Levels

I am a PhD in physics tutoring in physics, chemistry and mathematics at all schooling levels from grade school through grad school.

My technical expertise is in the fields of optical physics, laser science and chemical physics. I can also tutor college and grad school application writing and preparation.


Child Ages:
3 weeks - 17 years
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verified wyzant user

Kendra S. from Los Angeles, CA Aaron has been tutoring my daughter in Physics and she has truly been able to grasp all of the concepts. She has informed me that he is patient and very thorough. It was a complete God-Send.

verified wyzant user

Todd G. from Beverly Hills, CA I know Aaron is trying to show me different ways of learning the equations but today I felt that I needed to go over the exact way I am learning the material in class and not alternative ways to go about solving the equations. Aaron is a good tutor but today I felt like there were other things on his mind and that he was frustrated with me. I began to feel nervous about answering questions due to his reactions from not having the correct answer. On a couple occasions Aaron had scoffed at incorrect answers I had given and that truly hit the wrong chord with me. Even though Aaron was showing me the ways to set up problems I felt that his questions were unclear and I did not want to answer incorrectly, so I was basically just throwing out answers without even thinking. We did not go over any of my notes which is basically what my Professor has been teaching us word for word. I just hoped I would feel better today and learning new ways to attack equations less than one day before a midterm was confusing. I feel less prepared for this test than I did for the last one. Aaron is a good tutor but I think a tutor should be helping you with what you are having problems with and not trying to teach you different ways than you are being taught in class. I think Aaron would be a great tutor for someone who is in a more advanced place in Physics than their first class in Physics. Thanks!!

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