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Price starts at: $70

Subjects: Chemistry Lessons and Geometry Lessons

Travel policy: Will travel within 10 miles of Portland, OR 97212

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Math can be fun! Math Tutor in Portland

Not taking additional students at this time.*

Yes, math can be fun! I have activities for a variety of math subjects (particularly Algebra 2, geometry, and AP statistics) that can break up the routine a bit. I believe it is most important to make a human connection with the learner. Using his or her interests and strengths, I can customize my approach. By making this connection with others, I have found that I learn so much from teaching. Teaching and learning are inextricably inte…

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3 weeks - 17 years
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verified wyzant user

Jennifer P. from Sherwood, OR Wendy is the best! Math and I do not get along... I don't think I would have passed my class without Wendy's help. Wendy is incredibly patient and teaches in a way that is clear, organized, and easy to understand. I would recommend Wendy to anyone... any age... any level... she is the best!

verified wyzant user

Jessica W. from Portland, OR Wendy knows her stats, and was really good at tailoring what she knew about stats to what I knew. She had really good hand-outs, too, and she made it so amazingly simple, I was relieved. Wish I had her as a tutor earlier in the term! Thank you, Wendy!

verified wyzant user

Quita L. from Portland, OR Wendy has done a great job helping my daughter prepare for her tests and improve her grade. We see her confidence improving and appreciate her thorough and patient approach to tutoring.

verified wyzant user

Kate M. from Portland, OR Math is a difficult, anxiety producing subject for many, if not most, people. Instructing teenagers is a difficult, anxiety producing task for many, if not most, teachers. Wendy is able to communicate challenging concepts with the instruction and ease of a master teacher. She demonstrates respect for and confidence in the students she tutors. Wendy's flexibility, sense of humor and willingness to go the extra mile allows her to teach a difficult subject, to a sometimes challenging audience, in a compassionate and thoughtful manner. Wendy's teaching style is a gift to any student and to the family of that student as well.

verified wyzant user

Sharon L. from Portland, OR Wendy has been great with my son -- helping him to understand complicated Algebra equations, reviewing homework assignments and quizzes plus any questions he has. His math knowledge is continually improving and he's gaining the confidence that he needs to succeed!

verified wyzant user

Linda B. from Portland, OR Wendy has been tutoring my daughter in Geometry and Advanced Algebra for over a year. She is kind, meticulous and patient and does an excellent job explaining complex mathematical concepts in a clear understandable manner. She comes to each session prepared with notes from previous sessions, extra problem sets, and, as a bonus detail, pens in different colors to help outline the various steps associated with solving a given problem. Thanks to her tutoring, my daughter has a better handle on the subject matter and her test scores have improved as a result. The fact that Wendy clearly loves math is another plus. Her enthusiasm for the subject makes the tutoring sessions more fun and inspires my daughter to take a greater interest in the subject than she might otherwise. Wendy also goes above and beyond the call by responding to my daughter's emails, texts or phone calls, especially during an "emergency" the night before a test. In addition to her skills and smarts as a teacher, Wendy is very personable and chats regularly with my daughter about school, extracurricular activities, vacations etc. In many respects, Wendy has become not just a tutor but a friend and role model as well. In sum: Wendy is a seasoned math professional and a warm friendly individual. I highly recommend her.

verified wyzant user

Tracey A. from Portland, OR I started working with Wendy 2 years ago when I was struggling with the statistics for my doctoral degree. Not only was she a great coach to walk me through my research process, she explained statistics in a way that I could actually understand. Wendy was always available. Part of finishing the degree was the emotional process of getting my data correct - Wendy patiently walked me through the data gathering process, helped me write my Chapter 3 research design, and then prepared me for a ROCK star oral defense. I highly recommend Wendy as a tutor, mentor, and coach!!!!

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