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Subjects: Grammar Lessons, Reading Lessons, Writing Lessons, English Lessons, Spelling Lessons, Elementary Math Lessons, Elementary (K-6th) Lessons, Study Skills Lessons, Special Needs Lessons, and Dyslexia Lessons

Travel policy: Will travel within 15 miles of Sterling Heights, MI 48314

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Outstanding Writing Tutor, English, K-6, ESL, GED, and Study Skills

I earned my Ph.D. from Wayne State University and have worked in multiple academic settings. I earned a 3.9+ GPA throughout my eight-year college career and will show you or your son/daughter how to achieve the same. Students, regardless of past difficulties, handicaps, or learning disabilities, are capable of excelling in their coursework when taught in a systematic, step-by-step fashion that takes into account their learning styles and how their minds absorbs information. I’ve worked with t…

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3 weeks - 17 years
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verified wyzant user

Lakeisha D. from Detroit, MI The best out there. Her passion shines through her work. She is patient, considerate, loving, and knows what she is doing. She brings out the best in my children. I've seen results in as little as a month's time. My kids absolutely love her and learning now.

verified wyzant user

Aja C. from Detroit, MI I must say that from our very first session I was able to tell she was a great tutor. Dr. Sandra was very patient and she made me feel comfortable with learning new mathematical subjects from Geometry to Algebra. She is great with working around one's schedule and is very great with communication. It has only been a couple weeks since my first session and I already feel more than confident that Dr. Sandra will have me well prepared for the GED Math Test. I highly recommend Dr. Sandra for anyone who wants to excel on the GED Math Test.

verified wyzant user

Sophia M. from Mount Clemens, MI Dr. Sandra is professional, flexible and thorough. She helped me develop effective writing strategies, recognize grammar and punctuation errors during our first tutoring session. I highly recommend Dr. Sandra.

verified wyzant user

Ali H. from Dearborn, MI I am taking honors classes this semester and maintaining a 4.0 GPA. I was stressed-out and didn?t have the slightest clue how to tackle a research paper that was worth one-third of my grade! The project seemed too big for my already hectic schedule. I was stuck and worried this paper would bring down my entire class-grade. Throughout our tutoring, Dr. Sandra helped reduce my stress-level and anxiety. She boosted my self-esteem and confidence through encouragement and consistently pointing out my strengths as a writer. During our first session, Dr. Sandra taught me how to think like a researcher and build a thesis. We took notes on over 100 peer-reviewed research articles, and narrowed it down to those that best answered the research question. No class ever broke-down the writing process as effortlessly as Dr. Sandra. With the research notes clearly written on index cards, Dr. Sandra showed me how easy it is to synthesize the information:the most difficult part for writers! Looking at my index cards, I was easily able to compare, contrast, and group similar and conflicting points of views, methodologies, and findings. With clearly-defined sections and sub-sections, every article and author had a place in the paper. It was no easy feat but at the end I completed a top-notch research paper with Dr. Sandra?s guidance. It is an understatement when I say Dr. Sandra is an amazing educator. More than what she helped me accomplish on the paper, she is a really great person who saw my potential from the beginning. If you are looking for a professional and talented educator who will help you become your very best both in and outside of academia, it is Dr. Sandra. I cannot say enough about how much she developed my writing skills and helped instill in me the belief I can achieve my academic and professional dreams. I thank you for your guidance and wisdom in helping me become my very best.

verified wyzant user

Gail C. from Fraser, MI Dr. Sandra is the best writing tutor I've ever had. I wish I met her earlier in my writing career. Session after session, she was on target in helping me achieve my writing goals. Dr. Sandra never hesitated to meet with me even on short notice. A professional and gifted writer, I recommend Dr. Sandra in a heartbeat!

verified wyzant user

Connor C. from Warren, MI Dr. Sandra has been wonderful for my 9th grader. He had needed help in studying skills, organization and overall encouragement. She is very kind and patient and encouraged him in his natural talents in science and algebra as well as his not-so natural talents in English and Civics. Thanks so much for all your help.

verified wyzant user

Tina E. from Plymouth, MI I am an older student and met with Dr. Sandra to get some encouragement and better study skills for preparation of the TEAS exam for nursing. She is very patient, understanding, and just a very pleasant person. I completely enjoyed our session and she gave me the best advice on how to study for the science sections of this exam. I look forward to more sessions with her.

verified wyzant user

Lisa B. from Ortonville, MI Dr. Sandra is wonderful with my daughter and has had a big impact on her learning process. My daughter has been identified with dyslexia as well as ADHD, which is a difficult combination. Dr. Sandra has the patience to work with her when she may not be at her highest level of concentration and can pull her back into the lesson. Dr. Sandra also makes learning fun and engages my daughter's high level of competition as motivation to learn. Thank you, Dr. Sandra, you're definitely making a difference.

verified wyzant user

Izabela W. from Rochester, MI I love working with Dr. Sandra! She is an awesome tutor and for the first time in my life, I am confident in my ability to write professional college-level research papers. She is focused, organized, creative, and simply the best! Thank you for always being available for me, and I hope you can continue to help me when I get accepted into graduate school!!

verified wyzant user

Jeri J. from Bloomfield Hills, MI Dr. Sandra was instrumental in helping me improve my writing skills. I appreciate Dr. Sandra's ability to identify weaknesses in my papers and develop a plan for success. I am now earning 100% on research papers and have Dr. Sandra to thank! I continue to see success because of the skills and knowledge I gained during tutoring. Very happy! Thanks, Dr. Sandra!!!

verified wyzant user

Henry C. from Detroit, MI Dr. Sandra has very strong interpersonal skills. I find her to be intelligent, very engaging, approachable, resourceful, and passionate about teaching. She established an immediate rapport with me and (more importantly) with my student. In a very short period of time she was able to identify academic strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Sandra explored a range of instructional strategies; she quickly identified methods comfortable for my student and applied those methods to problem solving, performance skills and learning experiences. I am very, very confident that with her guidance my student will regain positive traction.

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