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Subjects: Spanish Lessons

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“Enthusiastic and energetic native Spanish tutor”

Hola, my name is Monica. I am a Spanish speaking tutor born and raised in Mexico. I’ve been in the United States for more than 13 years. I am married with 2 fully bilingual teenagers. I love to share the knowledge of my language and my culture with other people. I plan and create my classes depending on the student’s needs. I have tutored kids, teens, retired people and corporate executives. I have flexible hours and schedules. It is wonderful to see the progress my students make from class…

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verified wyzant user

Deena M. from Keego Harbor, MI Monica is a great tutor, she is very patient and caring. She teaches Spanish at any level. She adopts her lessons to the needs of her students and takes to the time to make sure they truly know the material well before she moves on to the next lesson. I have only had two lessons Monica and already feel confident in my Spanish speaking abilities.

verified wyzant user

Hema R. from Bloomfield Hills, MI Monica has helped me with Spanish 4 Honors and has helped improve my grade! It really helps because Monica has an authentic knowledge of the Spanish language and can help decipher anything that is assigned. Monica is also very flexible with her hours and can meet regularly throughout the week! Monica understands what it takes to teach a high school Spanish student by reinforcing new material through repetition and practice in Spanish. Monica is also very patient if I do not understand something the first or second time. She will help me with the topic until I fully understand it. I recommend Monica to anyone that wants help in Spanish because she has a flexible schedule and teaches very well!

verified wyzant user

Brad B. from Keego Harbor, MI (This review is by my wife.) Background: We brought Monica in to tutor Spanish to my husband and children in preparation for a trip to visit family in South America. I was raised in a Spanish-speaking home in the US by my Bolivian-born parents. I am bilingual, but did not formally study Spanish. My husband, an engineer, had never studied languages in school and previous attempts to learn Spanish were frustrating and unsuccessful. My 3 children, ages 12, 9, and 6, are bilingual, but at decreasing fluency as the family grew, due to the increasing predominance of English in their daily lives due to school, friends, etc. Tutoring with Monica: We agreed with Monica to establish 3 back-to-back lessons in our home once per week: 30 minutes for my 6 y.o. son, followed by 60 minutes for my 9 and 12 y.o. daughters (together), and then 60 minutes for my husband. I was impressed by how quickly Monica won over my children as she assessed them. She then began to bring in and develop weekly lessons and materials targeting their various ages and specific needs. Because my children have heard Spanish every day, but rarely wrote it or spoke it outside the home, their needs were unique from those starting from scratch, or in Spanish-language classes or environments. My family has had about 6 lessons, and I am pleased so far with Monica's preparation and approach to each of my family members. My children are listening, reading and writing more in Spanish, and--most importantly--Monica appears to have raised their confidence and has them feeling less reluctant to speak to me in Spanish. She is filling in the gaps that I did not know how to teach, and provides structure in the process. We definitely recommend Monica as a Spanish-language tutor.

verified wyzant user

Heather K. from Bloomfield Hills, MI My nine year old son enjoys Monica very much. She is very patient with him and makes learning exciting and fun.

verified wyzant user

Mary L. from Bloomfield Hills, MI I can understand certain grammatical concepts much better like reflexive verbs. Monica always arrives on time or even a few minutes early. She is very friendly and is patient with me. She always corrects my pronunciation of words when necessary and makes sure I understand fully before moving on with the lesson.

verified wyzant user

Wendy W. from West Bloomfield, MI Monica tutored my step daughter who was struggling in Spanish. She was really easy to reach whenever needed. Offered to help her at anytime between the sessions over the phone. Before her midterms she spent an extra hour with my step daughter to study. I would recommend Monica to any one struggling with Spanish or wanting to learn it.

verified wyzant user

Leslee K. from West Bloomfield, MI Monica helped me pass an oral proficiency exam in Spanish that I needed in order to get my teaching certificate. I already have a good understanding of grammar, but she worked with me twice a week to improve my conversational fluidity - which can be very difficult as a non-native speaker. I identified specific tenses I wanted to improve, and she taught me the rules and gave me homework assignments that provided sufficient practice and were also very realistic in terms of context. We also read articles, working on my comprehension. Overall, I would recommend anyone in need of a Spanish tutor to contact Monica. She is kind, intelligent, very approachable and reliable, and a great teacher. I know she works with students of all levels - children just learning, grade-level students in Spanish classes, and adults who want to learn or need further practice (like me). Without her help, I doubt I would have been able to pass this very critical test, and I am incredibly grateful. Five stars!

verified wyzant user

Jack L. from Bloomfield Hills, MI Monica has been working with our son who is in the 8th grade. Her Spanish tutoring has helped him go from a low grade to a low A in just a few short weeks. Monica works with him 1 hour a week and goes online with him (Moodle) to work together on his homework and quiz sheets. I would recommend Monica with no hesitations.

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