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Retiring in Austin, All You Need to Know

02 June 2021

If you’re coming up to retirement, determining where you want to spend the senior part of your life is a big decision. If you’re thinking about heading down south to Austin, you’ll be joining a mass of other people heading to the state. Austin has 5 of the 10 fastest-growing cities in Texas, so what’s so great and about living in the sunny south?


The weather in the deep south is indeed one of the influential factors of settling in Austin. The summer lasts from April through November, and the climate is perfect for older individuals who suffer from arthritis or cold sensitivity.

The cold snaps are minimal, and the temperatures never get too low. When rain does grace the Texas state, it is usually heavy, and hurricanes are common. Most properties are built to withhold hurricanes but are sure to check the specifics if you are buying a house.

Most homes and indoor areas such as shops, leisure centers, and restaurants have air conditioning as standard, so you get the best of both worlds; heat when you want it but a respite to cool down.

If you’re a music lover and still enjoy a shindig down at the local bar, then Austin is the perfect location. Austin is known as the world’s live music capital, and people flock to enjoy its many events and concerts each year.

The ethos of southern hospitality drives many events such as live symphonies, operas, and performances throughout the year. It’s the perfect place to embrace your creative side and either get involved or kick back and enjoy the entertainment. There are also plenty of community events that encourage senior singles to connect and enjoy activities together.


Real estate in Austin is thriving, and there’s no doubt it’s a desirable area to live. Seniors aren’t required to pay personal or corporate tax in Austin, which means there’s more in the pot for housing. There is also a lower local tax which means more flexibility with the budget.

Various suburbs offer affordable housing and have thriving senior communities. Suppose you are looking for something a bit more structured and need access to healthcare assistance. In that case, you could check out assisted living Austin TX, which offers senior living options that include housekeeping services, fine dining, community activities, and medical care. This is a great option if you want to retain independence but be around others and have access to care and therapies if needed.


Almost 12% of the population of Texas are over 65; that’s a large proportion of the community. There are many services available for older Texans to help support them as they get older by providing care and resources. Some are available to everyone, and other services are dependant on income.

There are resources available that help those on a lower income and with certain disabilities that help pay bills, medical expenses, and in some cases, provide food to those in need. Contact the local government to check if you are eligible for any help.

Lifestyle and activities

If you’re using retirement as an opportunity to get fit and healthy, Austin is a great choice. There’s a variety of outdoor spaces such as parks and lakes. You can join a running or hiking group, which will help keep you energized as well as being a social activity to get to know new people nearby.

Another advantage of living in Austin is the walkable neighborhoods. Many suburban areas are near supermarkets, leisure centers, community halls, and entertainment venues. Most are easily walkable or a short drive away, making it an accessible place to settle down.

There are so many things to do in Austin. If you are an art enthusiast, you could visit the famous Blanton Museum, where you’ll find thousands of paintings from a variety of genres.

For a bit of supernatural fun, you can take one of the evening ghost tours around some of the most haunted areas of Austin and learn about some of the tragic histories of the area.

For those after a spot of retail therapy, you can visit the quirky second street district that has a selection of boutique shops for homeware, clothes, or jewelry. You can stop off for a break at one of the many coffee shops or sip a cocktail at a classy bar.

For a scenic extravaganza and photographic opportunity, you could try climbing mount Bonnell which overlooks the city and lake Austin; a beautiful scenic view perfect for romantic picnics strolls or watching the sunset. If you can manage the climb heading there at night is a wonderful experience. The lights on the city shine bright, and the location is the perfect place for sharing with a loved one or spending some time in personal reflection.

If you enjoy a bit of celebrity watching, you could head down to the Driskill Bar, which is a high-class establishment that attracts many famous stars, directors, and actors and is perfect for a night of people watching and whiskey sipping.


The local community provides various local community centers that offer activities such as wellness classes, support groups, theatre trips, and volunteer opportunities for those looking to connect with other seniors.

Volunteering is a great way to fill your time when you’ve retired. You are providing a service and helping others which helps well-being and keeps the mind focused and engaged. This is especially important if you are living alone or only have few family members. Isolation can have a detrimental effect on mental health so staying busy is vital to stay positive and fulfilled.

Moving to a different area when you retire can be daunting, but it’s also exciting as you embrace a period in your life when your time is no longer dominated by work.

There are lots of opportunities to get involved in so be brave and sign up for things you enjoy. It’s a fresh start, so be positive and enjoy every moment of your retirement.

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