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Looking After Your Kids While Caring for an Older Relative

25 August 2021

When you have kids, your time is never your own, and when you throw in extra care for an older relative, you quickly realize just how much you have to fit into an average day. Trying to handle everything by yourself can be overwhelming, and if you are not careful, it can affect how you live, your life, your mental health and well-being, and even your approach to life. So, how can you successfully look after your kids while also looking after an older relative?

Balancing and Juggling – It’s a Fine Art!

There are only so many hours within any given day, and making the most out of your time is important. Prioritizing tasks and chores and even making to-do lists can help you get everything done. No two days are ever the same, and compromises’ will often have to be made, but if you accept that you cannot do everything all of the time, you will find a balance that works for you, your family, and your loved ones.

Getting Help from the Trained Experts and Professionals

On this journey, you are not alone. Getting the adequate and suitable help and guidance your older relative requires is essential. If your relative does not get the adequate and correct help they need from the trained experts and professionals, then their condition could worsen rapidly, and this is something that is never nice to see. So, if you see that they are struggling more and more every day, it may be time to start looking at how you can get help and assistance for them. For example, if they are suffering from a long-term illness or disease, you may want to consider Chronic Care Management or you may also want to look at possibly even getting assisted living if their condition is deteriorating at a rapid pace.

Reaching Out for Support

You cannot do everything by yourself, and nobody is expecting you to, so when you need to, you must reach out for support from your wider circle of friends and family and also from professionals such as counselors. Sharing your concerns, seeking help and guidance, and talking through your feelings and emotions is important, so never be afraid to reach out for support in any shape or form.

Utilizing Childcare

Your kids need you, and they need your attention, and unfortunately, when you are caring for an older relative, you cannot always give them the time and attention they deserve. To ensure that your kids do not feel left out, it is important that you arrange regular and consistent childcare. Giving them a familiar place to go regularly will help them build new bonds and friendships and will help you provide the care and assistance to your relative as and when required.

Taking Time Out for Yourself

Running around and being emotionally and physically drained is not good for you, so when you can, you must remember that to be the best parent you can be, you need to take time out for yourself. It is not selfish to do something for you; it is self-care, so ensure that you practice self-care when you can. When you look after yourself, you put yourself in the best position to look after others around you.

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