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Kinderspiel is the German-English Dual Language Immersion Program for kids ages 2 1/2 6 at the German Language Center in Houston. Our team consists of two certified Specialists in Early Childhood Education, both bilingual in German/English. Starting in August, we offer a year round educational Pre-School Program on weekdays (Monday to Friday), specializing in the language acquisition of both German and English.

Learning at Kinderspiel takes place through a thematic curriculum. At the heart of the curriculum is the belief that child-initiated and teacher-supported play is the most effective tool for cognitive, physical and social development. Educational activities include storytelling, reading, singing, art projects, movement activities, nature exploration, celebration of German and American holidays, field trips support the development of early literacy skills in both languages preparing the children to be successful life-long learners. To this self-directed philosophy of learning, Kinderspiel adds a multi-age approach. The small size of the school allows children to assume nurturing and leadership roles rarely afforded in same-age Preschool groups.

Educational Philosophy
Brain research and cognitive studies on language acquisition have shown that children learn more in their first 6 years of their lives than at any other time. They are curious about everything and learn quite naturally with a determination and insatiable appetite for knowledge about their world. Children naturally enjoy learning and learn through physical activity and play using all their five senses to discover the world around them.
This remarkable ability to acquire knowledge applies to young childrens unique language learning abilities as well. Bachi, an early researcher in childrens language acquisition, found that a three-year-old child is able to learn a new language faster and more easily than a thirteen-year-old child. Research also unequivocally demonstrates that children who from birth or from an early age are raised with two or more languages develop high levels of competency in both languages. The languages become the medium for learning rather than the object of learning. A multilingual education begun at an early age opens the doors for a successful future in our global society.

Dual Language Immersion.
Immersion (lat. immergere = to indulge)has proven to be a highly successful method of foreign language acquisition using a very natural and approach. The foreign language is taught by an age appropriate look and contact with the natural environment the child lives in. Immersion is a world wide known and thoroughly researched teaching and learning method. Immersion is implemented in all levels of learners, from Kindergarten through Secondary Schools. In North America, Australia, Asia and in Europe, specifically in Scandinavia, France and Spain, this method is used since over 40 years.

The key to success is a distinct separation of languages either spatial or personal. At Kinderspiel, we separate by person. The American teacher uses exclusively English, where as the German facilitator uses German only. A consequent separation of the languages taught, is like a well labeled route. It is easier to find your way. (Montanari, 2002).

Various studies in Applied Linguistics stress the positive effect of the language separation. The distinct separation on who speaks which language with whom is essential. No child, raised in two languages, is truly bi-lingual; it has the tendency to prefer one language over the other. Therefore it is important that there is one native speaker as a language model per language.

modeled after the Texas Prekindergarden Curriculum Guidelines and theBayerischen Bildungs- und Erziehungsplan fr Kinder in Tageseinrichtungen bis zur Einschulung
The curriculum will be posted on the Kinderspiel Web site on a monthly basis

Daily Schedule Kinderspiel
Daily Schedule Kinderspiel-PrepProgram

School Year Calendar
The calendar is aligned with HISD, w/a few exceptions. Start and end of the school year, Spring and Christmas Break do coincide. A final calendar will be posted in early August.

Kinderspiel is a TDFPS Licensed Child Care Facility # 892019
12 children
2 certified bilingual Early Childhood Specialists
1 Teacher’s Aid
Student/Teacher Ratio: 4:1

Child Ages:
2.5 years - 6 years
Licenses & Accreditations:
Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
Hours of Operation:
08:00 AM-05:30 PM - Monday - Friday

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