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Subjects: Geometry Lessons

Travel policy: Will travel within 25 miles of Hillsboro, OR 97124

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University of Portland Math Instructor available for tutoring

For 20 years Michael was a software engineer and manager at Intel Corporation. He has Math and Computer Science degrees from the Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota. While at the University of Minnesota Mike worked in the General College math anxiety program, assisting students 1-on-1.

For the past ten years, Mike has taught math, statistics and computer science at post-secondary schools, Portland Community College, and the University of Portland.

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3 weeks - 17 years
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verified wyzant user

Deb C. from Hillsboro, OR Extremely talented tutor. Michael gives my daughter the right amount of encouragement along with instruction on how to work her math problems. Very good at scoping the approach to help my daughter learn. Quick response and very accessible communications for scheduling. We love him! My daughter's confidence is soaring!

verified wyzant user

Lada S. from Hillsboro, OR I want to recommend Michael G. to anyone who needs some extra help with statistics. Here is some of my story. I am a first year graduate student who had to complete some required courses during my first semester. Statistics was one of these courses. I was able to sign up for an online statistic class. I soon found out that was a mistake, because I?m not a person who does well without in-person interaction, so, by the first week of statistics, I was crying out for help. Some of my friends suggested checking out Wyzant.com. I?m glad I did. When Michael started working with me, he helped me to understand that statistics is a beautiful solid science. I successfully completed the course, and passed my final exam. Michael helped me not just to grasp the knowledge I need, but to survive that tough time. I strongly recommend Michael G. as a statistics tutor because Michael is responsible and reliable. He always responded to my emails and texts within a few minutes. Michael is flexible and cooperative - he always gave me enough options to chose a convenient time for the next meeting, and Michael is knowledgeable and experienced. He used a broad variety of approaches to help me comprehend materials and important concepts. Michael also has a great sense of knowing what needs to be reviewed in order for his students to get to next level.

verified wyzant user

Jordan L. from Tualatin, OR Mike helped me through my last course as an undergrad in business statistics, and I could not be more thankful. His schedule was very flexible and always found a way to work around mine. He definitely knows his stuff and was able to slow the material down and break it down well for further understanding. It was a tough course and after spending time working with Mike, I was wishing that he was my instructor instead of the current one at my school. Mike's teaching philosophies were different and much easier to understand. I most definitely do not have the mind for math, but Mike gave me the confidence to do well on my exams and worked me through my homework one problem at a time, which was very helpful. Mike is a fantastic tutor and he will not let you down. He is a nice guy and very patient too.

verified wyzant user

Jodi A. from Sherwood, OR My daughter seems to really be benefiting from his help. She likes him, understands most of what he is trying to teach her, and she looks forward to her lessons (as much as you can look forward to math!). Very effective, and would definitely recommend. Great tutor.

verified wyzant user

Cindy C. from Vancouver, WA Michael was an amazing tutor. I was terrified of statistics and had zero understanding of it. I had to learn an entire book in 8 short weeks! Thanks to Michael's patience and great teaching skills, I completed the class with an A. I highly recommend him as a tutor!

verified wyzant user

Kitra B. from Portland, OR As an adult student who had been away from math for many years, and never had any contact with statistics, I was terrified of so many things prior to taking my course. I knew I would need help, but really had no idea where or how to find that help. After reading about Michael's background and experience, I had hope, but also was so nervous about my being out of contact with any math for so long. I met with Michael weekly and have to say that without his direction and support I would not have done so well with my course. I am very happy to say that I survived a fifteen week statistics course, and even managed to get an 'A' in the course with the help of Michael explaining concepts and criteria I never thought I'd find interesting. I have only positive and good things to say about Michael and how he approaches teaching and my experience of him as a tutor. I highly recommend Michael and have no doubt about his ability to help others like me and those even different from myself to reach their goal of understanding course material.

verified wyzant user

Cherrie P. from West Linn, OR I appreciate the way Michael takes the time to not only help my daughter with the material, but how he really pays attention to her learning style.

verified wyzant user

Darci H. from Portland, OR Michael is very committed and caring. Has provided great encouragement to our client regarding his math course. Feel very lucky to have found him.

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