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Subjects: Boxing, Fitness, Health Coaching, Kickboxing, Meditation, Nutrition, Reiki, Sports Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Stretching, Yoga

IV BB Martial Arts (taekwondo/hapkido)
Reiki therapist
Yoga therapist
Personal wellness coach
Personal trainer
Ever since I was a kid I remember feel inadequate and strange around people… school time was a bad experience for me, constantly been bullied, I had a hard time fitting in, so I’m insulates myself and stop trying to fix my surroundings, martial arts came early in my life, but I wasn’t discipline enough to finish training… after a few trial and tribulations in my life I decide to go back and finish what I had started.
I had developed within the arts and try and training w the best in the business.. explore the cultures along the way, and collect plenty gold medals while in competition… but the best part of it, it’s in the person that I had become… I’m eternally grateful for the journey I took, and honor and privilege to have the ability to share it with everyone around the way.

Child Ages:
3 weeks - 17 years
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Date: August 15, 2000 – January 15, 2002
School: School of Natural Healing
Degree: Biofield Therapy
Description: sound therapy (Tuning Forks, Tibetean Bowls)
Energy healing thecniques.

Date: May 15, 1993 – May 15, 1995
School: holistic temple (college point, ny)
Degree: Reiki Therapist (channeling of energy)
Description: Reiki therapy
Level one/level two/master

Date: January 15, 2008 – January 15, 2010
School: Issa
Degree: Personal wellness coach
Description: Wellness
Holistic view
Psychology behind dieting

Date: January 15, 2008 – January 15, 2010
School: Issa
Degree: Personal trainer
Description: Nutrition
Sports nutrition


Date: January 15, 2005
Name: World Taekwondo Federation
Description: The World Taekwondo Federation is the International Federation (IF) governing the sport of Taekwondo and is a member of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF). The WTF recognizes national Taekwondo governing bodies recognized by the NOCs in the pertinent country as its members.


Date: January 15, 2017 – January 15, 2020
Organization: Blackberry Rehabilitation Center
Title: yoga therapy/ sound therapy/ aroma therapy
Description: Fitness Programming Director

Date: March 15, 1994 – August 15, 1998
Organization: “Martial Arts Academy master cho”
Title: Assistance instructor
Description: Programming schedule
Teaching w clients all ages
Front desk assistance
Overall managing of the school

Date: May 15, 2002 – February 15, 2011
Organization: Grandmaster choi martial arts academy
Title: Coach
Description: Coach/ teacher
Guide and train the team and various tournaments

Date: January 15, 2008 – January 15, 2011
Organization: Martial arts academy
Title: Master instructor
Description: Master and manager school
Teach/ instructor/ and organized school

Date: July 15, 2017
Organization: DSTC (Daryl Strawberry Treatment Center)
Title: Fitness Programming Director
Description: developing a fitness program that will serve our clients and encourage balance, focus, and their well being.
Cardio kick boxing
Yoga Therapy
Relaxation techniques (aromatherapy oils)
and Meditation.

Date: May 15, 2009 – August 15, 2013
Organization: LA Boxing Gym Astoria NYC
Title: Personal Trainer/instructor
Description: Personal trainer
instructor coach
managing of clients
martial arts instructor.(kickboxing)
Coach (boxing)


Date: January 15, 2001
Authority: Grandmaster choi martial art academy
Name: I degree black belt martial arts
Description: 1 degreed level hapkido/taekwondo

Date: January 15, 2003
Authority: Grandmaster choi martial arts academy
Name: II degreed level martial arts
Description: 2degreed level in hapkido taekwondo
Assurance instructor for then and on

Date: January 15, 2006
Authority: Grandmaster choi martial arts academy
Name: III degreed level martial arts
Description: 3degreed level black belt hapkido /taekwondo

Date: January 15, 2011
Authority: Grandmaster choi martial arts academy
Name: IV degreed black belt martial arts
Description: 4 degreed black belt hapkido /taekwondo
Master level


Date: May 15, 1996
Authority: Panamerican games federation
Name: Panamerican games 96
Description: Tournament
Gold medal/first place


Language: Spanish
Proficiency: Fluent / Native Proficiency

Language: Spanish/English
Proficiency: Fluent / Native Proficiency


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