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Price starts at: $35

Subjects: Geometry Lessons and Elementary Math Lessons

Travel policy: Will travel within 15 miles of Portland, OR 97206

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Patient and Knowledgeable Math, Engineering, and Science Tutor

Hello, thank you for viewing my profile.

I have over five years of experience tutoring students of various ages and backgrounds; including middle, high school, college, and returning adult students. I have worked for tutoring agencies, colleges, and privately. I am comfortable tutoring students one on one, or in groups.

I focus on subjects related to Math, Engineering, and Science. The subjects I tutor are SAT Math, ACT Math, GRE Math, Prealgebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Precalc…

Child Ages:
3 weeks - 17 years
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verified wyzant user

Christine S. from Happy Valley, OR It has only taken 2 math tutoring sessions with my son to see that Michael is an excellent tutor. He is obviously very skilled and knowledgeable in the subjects he teaches. He is very patient, organized, and explains concepts and materials that are easy to understand, and what works best for the student?s learning style. Michael goes way above and beyond my expectations in providing materials and resources to assist with lessons in-between tutoring sessions. He is flexible and easy to work with to ensure the student?s needs are met to finish the course work on time. I highly recommend Michael as a tutor.

verified wyzant user

Benita F. from Portland, OR Michael is very patient and well organized. He is very good at communicating and presenting each lesson in a way that is understandable.

verified wyzant user

Mamie C. from Portland, OR Michael is an excellent tutor. He is trying very hard to get my grandson up to speed. Any problems we have are with our grandson and not Michael. He is trying to get him to the point where he will have confidence in his ability to pass his class.

verified wyzant user

Rebeka A. from Portland, OR Very knowledgeable and patient plus brought material for me to keep and review. I would recommend him for circuit analysis.

verified wyzant user

Jodi L. from Portland, OR Michael has been great to work with! He is very patient and explains our son's Physics problems in a way that he really can understand and remember when it's test time. He has given our son a real confidence boost and we appreciate it.

verified wyzant user

Nan B. from Lake Oswego, OR We contacted Michael because he has a background in advanced math and physics. Our son is bright but an underachiever, not liking to do homework in general because he understands concepts and has tested well in the past. However now that he is in AP classes he has to do the homework to succeed on the tests. In addition, our son thinks he can keep all information in his head, so he doesn't write anything down. This has resulted in making unnecessary mistakes in long formulas, and not knowing where to fix the calculation when the answer is wrong. Michael (patiently!) helped our son learn to SLOW DOWN his work process, write everything down, and go back and evaluate all of his answers. Homework that took him a half an hour (if he did it at all!), now was taking two hours with discussions and debates about process, which for my son was great. He respected Michael's knowledge about the subjects, and it made the hours fun as well as instructive. My son is also an athlete, so having a tutor who has an active life and can identify with that characteristic also helped them interact well together. My son just took the SAT, and got a 740 on the math section! Great job Michael!!!

verified wyzant user

Cathy S. from Gresham, OR I contacted Michael J. to help my daughter with calculus. My daughter was hoping to improve her grade and I was hoping to improve her confidence. She was having some difficulties with her school lessons and it was starting to affect her other classes and her overall opinion of herself. She was feeling "stupid" and not able to understand concepts and was quickly falling behind. After the first lesson with Michael she was feeling a little better and after her second one it was obvious in her smile that she was feeling much better about her work. Michael was able to anticipate where her lessons were headed and to give her a "leg up" so she was prepared when a new subject was introduced. Her first test after working with Michael resulted in an "A". My expectations and hers were both met! With Michael's patience, her confidence slowly came back. Michael was extremely professional, answered questions, worked around busy schedules and all of it was in a very timely manner. I would not hesitate to use him again or to provide a reference for him!

verified wyzant user

Treicia M. from Portland, OR Mike was great to work with, he took the time to help me figure out the harder calculus problems on my practice quizzes and would finish solving them at home and emailing them to me if it took longer than expected. He was also very flexible with scheduling tutor sessions.

verified wyzant user

Martha G. from Portland, OR Michael was a good fit for my high school son. His patient, consistent methods of teaching and ability to explain the concepts of calculus gave my son the tools needed to become proficient.

verified wyzant user

Cherrie P. from West Linn, OR Mike tutored my daughter in pre-calculus, biology, and for her ACTs. He was able to identify the areas where she was struggling and adapt his teaching style to her. Mike has an excellent grasp of mathematical concepts. He was organized for each session and very dependable and accommodating.

verified wyzant user

Madalina K. from Cupertino, CA Michael is very knowledgeable and patient. He explains everything very clearly, so the time goes by fast with great results for my daughter.

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