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Price starts at: $54

Subjects: American history Lessons, Biology Lessons, Chemistry Lessons, Vocabulary Lessons, Grammar Lessons, Geometry Lessons, Reading Lessons, Spanish Lessons, Writing Lessons, English Lessons, World History Lessons, and Spelling Lessons

Travel policy: Will travel within 35 miles of San Diego, CA 92123

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Good students don’t always make good tutors. I’m both.

I am a qualified tutor because I recently graduated from University of Chicago in philosophy and am eager to translate lofty ideas into digestible, everyday language. For thousands of hours, I have helped dozens of students improve their grades, test scores, study habits and confidence.

As a tutor with Stanford’s Phoenix Scholars and the YMCA, I helped socio-economically underrepresented students with homework, study skills, and the enigma of college admissions. Moreover, I have worked both…

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3 weeks - 17 years
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verified wyzant user

James F. from Chula Vista, CA Eduardo is a very knowledgeable and capable tutor, and always pushes the limits of my knowledge. Although sometimes I struggle through the exercises, I can now understand why he pushes me. I feel that I'm advancing at a faster pace than when I was learning by way of popular software method.

verified wyzant user

Jill S. from San Diego, CA My son has never been interested in school or studying, and refused my suggestions of a tutor. Finally, he accepted that offer and we met Eduardo. Since that day, my son has been astonishingly dedicated to his homework, and never once has complained about the time spent with Eduardo. Eduardo has cultivated an unusual respect and friendship with my son with his gentle, confident and remarkably articulate manner. I am thankful every day that we met him, and will continue with his tutoring until college.

verified wyzant user

REEMON A. from El Cajon, CA He is a very good and experienced tutor and would highly recommend him for any one who wants to hire him.

verified wyzant user

Sharron M. from Chula Vista, CA He is very confident in his work, that gives me hope. He has a plan for a successful passing in my teas. I really like his approach, he is not aggressive he expects you to participate and engage in the work. This works really good for me. He installed my confidence in just one lesson.

verified wyzant user

Erin H. from San Diego, CA Huge help on the TEAS math and English portions! I scored a 88% overall with 93.3% in math, 90.5% on reading and 83.3 on English. Thanks Eduardo!

verified wyzant user

Lois P. from San Diego, CA Eduardo is an outstanding tutor for Algebra 2. In just two months, Eduardo covered topics such as quadratic equations, word problems, exponents, formulas for each conic section (i.e., circle, parabola, hyperbola, ellipse), domain and range of complex inequalities, graphing logarithmic functions, and vertical asymptotes and domain and range. He coached my son to add formulas to cards that are allowed for use on the final exam. Most importantly, Eduardo helped boost my son's confidence by giving him ample time to warm up and review at the beginning of each session, then adding new concepts when my son was ready to move forward. Eduardo is reliable and excellent at communicating with the student and with the parent. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking the best tutor available. I wish I had found Eduardo sooner!

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