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Southfield, MI 48076


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Price starts at: $50

Subjects: Chemistry Lessons, Vocabulary Lessons, Geometry Lessons, Reading Lessons, Writing Lessons, Elementary Math Lessons, Elementary science Lessons, Elementary (K-6th) Lessons, and Study Skills Lessons

Travel policy: Will travel within 20 miles of Southfield, MI 48076

Wyzant Tutor Rating: 5 of 5 (173 ratings total)

Certified Tutor, Univ. of Mich. (Ann-Arbor) Engineering Grad, MBA, etc

I am a certified tutor for small children, teenagers and adults in a variety of subjects. I started tutoring while I was a student University of Michigan (Ann-Arbor). I tutor: all K-8 math, algebra I and II (Honors), geometry (Honors), trigonometry (Honors), pre-calculus, calculus (AP), chemistry (AP), physics, civics/social studies, and a variety of language arts.

I emphasize vocabulary (if you can’t talk about it, you can’t do it!); problem solving techniques (orderly, stepwise problem s…

Child Ages:
3 weeks - 17 years
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verified wyzant user

Brian D. from Southfield, MI I went through four tutors prior to stumbling upon Enos. They were all amiable, professional and very knowledgeable in their respective fields. However, they lacked the skills to teach in a cogent manner. Enos, like the others, was amiable, professional and knowledgeable, but what made him stand out from the rest of the pack was his uncanny ability to help me conceptualize otherwise difficult lessons. Enos has a gift for teaching that defies words. He breaks down into easy-to-learn concepts otherwise brain-busting mathematics problems. I have no doubts that because of Enos I'll be able to earn the GRE score I need to be admitted into blue-chip doctoral programs at top tier schools like Harvard, Michigan, Princeton, Stanford and Columbia.

verified wyzant user

LuAnne C. from Bloomfield Hills, MI I needed a high school chemistry tutor and was a little worried about finding the right person to help. I'm so glad that we met Enos W. He has a very relaxed tutoring style, and always asks what I would like to go over. He is always generous with his time. His advice on studying and organization techniques have been useful to me. Enos W. has a lot of knowledge on a wide variety of topics, which comes in handy if I have a slightly off-topic question.

verified wyzant user

Terance B. from Southfield, MI Enos is a great tutor. His response was almost immediate and the arrangements convenient and punctual. The focus on strengthening study skills was an added benefit.

verified wyzant user

Ulonda L. from Oak Park, MI On the first session with Mr. W I found him to be quite pleasing to work with. We discussed study skills and what roll I as the parent can do that will help my son excellent. Mr. W breaks everything down into the simplest form and he keeps my son very interested in learning and that is great. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs that extra attention. Mr. W is awesome.

verified wyzant user

Marcia L. from Farmington, MI I'm studying for the GRE and I totally forgot geometry and algebra. With Enos' help I have started to remember many equations and formulas I'd forgotten. I'm really glad he's helping me and I know I'll do this time around.

verified wyzant user

Amina K. from Berkley, MI I searched and searched for "the perfect tutor" not thinking I would actually find him/her. My first choice was Enos W. and he is definitely "the perfect tutor"! My daughter really appreciated his patience, understanding and dedication. I emailed Enos W. on a Saturday with bad weather and he reassured us he would do his best to meet with my daughter even though it was last minute. He did just that, he met with my daughter on Sunday and again on Monday. I really, really appreciate Enos W. for all that he has done. My daughter looks forward to working with him again. As her parent I am glad to have found someone so dedicated to what he does. Thank you Enos W.!!

verified wyzant user

Karlan J. from Southfield, MI Enos was great on our tutoring session. I have already made plans and look forward to our forthcoming other sessions. As we continue to progress, Enos continues to shows great patience to ensure that I understand terminologies, strategies, and formulas to solve algebra problems. I would definitely recommend Enos to anyone in need of a tutor.

verified wyzant user

Donovan G. from Farmington, MI My son was having some trouble with his advanced Geometry and Trigonometry class. We contacted Mr W for assistance. Mr W is great tutor. He has excellent interpersonal skills and a exceptional command of all core math subjects. Mr W is very patient and very thorough in his tutoring. My son's grade improved from an F to a B- in just two months. This tutor is very professional, always on time and is truly concerned about his students. I highly recommend this tutor.

verified wyzant user

Natalie H. from Farmington, MI I was very impressed with Enos' style of tutoring and he even taught us a few things about test-taking that I wish I had known while in college. I will definitely be using him again for my child who needs additional help, as well as my older son who is excelling. I have already recommended him to my coworkers. Thank you, WyzAnt, for offering your services. Enos never ceases to amaze me. My son's tutoring session was suppose to be on helping him with his research paper and at the last minute he had a math packet that he didn't fully understand. Enos not only helped him with his whole math packet, but also helped him get an outline set up to start his research paper. I was amazed at how flexible and awesome he is at what he does. He is truly a godsend!

verified wyzant user

Jenifer N. from Northville, MI Enos is excellent at explaining concepts. He quickly assessed the areas my son needs to work on and put together an effective strategy to address those areas. I am extremely pleased with my son's progress. My son enjoys studying with Enos. He knows how to connect with my son and really make the most of their study sessions.

verified wyzant user

Sylmara C. from West Bloomfield, MI Outstanding tutor. Highly recommended. He goes out of his way to meet with my daughter and is committed to making sure your chid does well

verified wyzant user

Tamaal M. from Farmington, MI Mr. W. is a wonderful tutor who challenged my daughter's way of thinking. He was very instrumental in her academic success last year.

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