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Price starts at: $25

Subjects: Geometry Lessons

Travel policy: Will travel within 10 miles of Vancouver, WA 98665

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I’m a graduate of the Air Force Academy with a bachelor of science degree, majoring in both Astronautics and Engineering Science. I worked professionally as an engineer for more than 20 years in a number of different capacities including satellite launch and early orbit operations, computer programming, computer administration, digital communications, and relational database design and administration. For many years I’ve enjoyed volunteering as a youth leader, mentor and teacher. I find great…

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3 weeks - 17 years
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verified wyzant user

Dane F. from Colorado Springs, CO Doug does a great job with our son. He is easy to communicate with, both in the sense of arranging schedules, but also to discuss learning challenges with him and to lighten up the whole business with some laughter. He is so knowledgeable that it puts my son at ease to have someone with such a comfort level with higher math-- somehow it allows the focus to be on the math itself rather than on the child's "performance."

verified wyzant user

Rick S. from Fountain, CO After my son stayed late and arrived early to High School for additional help with Algebra for a month with no improvement and great discouragement, I decided to try a tutor. Doug is very patient and is genuinely interested is seeing learning take place and not merely putting in time. Since not every student learns the same way, he used a variety of teaching methods for my son to see which method was most effective. Even only after a couple of weeks, my son has a much better grasp of the material and more importantly, a much greater confidence. Doug's experience enabled him to identify and focus on the root causes of my son's problems. Doug sustains and maintains my son's progress by constantly reviewing and reinforcing key concepts. This helps him to really learn the concepts through repetition and enables him to built his knowledge by adding new skills to an established base.

verified wyzant user

Lexie A. from Florence, CO I am a single parent and had to move without much notice. I was required to remove my son from 8th grade public school. I started up with a home school program, but could not provide the appropriate assistance with Algebra. As a average parent, we are very particular about who works with our children. I reviewed Mr. Doug B. profile and credentials and his contributions to the community. It was clear to see that Mr. B could charge much more based upon his incredible credentials. My son adores Mr. B. and actually enjoys his tutor sessions. Mr. B. has gone out of his way to make sure my son is up to speed to start 9th grade. We are very grateful for Mr. B. We are so lucky that we were able to get in on Mr. B's schedule. There are good Tutors, I'm sure, but we were able to find one of the BEST TUTORS.

verified wyzant user

Cyrie D. from Colorado Springs, CO Doug does an outstanding job as a tutor. He is able to show students how to calculate and process problems in a multitude of different ways. He is extremely patient and takes the time needed to review problems and solution sets as needed. I would highly recommend Doug as a tutor. We are currently using Doug 3 times a week and our son is feeling much more confident in his math abilities.

verified wyzant user

Michael T. from Colorado Springs, CO Doug has been helping my 16-year old with Pre-Calculus and ACT prep over the last few months. My son's calculus grade has improved a letter grade. He enjoys the lessons and the improvement is apparent. We can't wait to see his new ACT scores. My son walked out of the test and stated "the math portion was easy this time." I'll be sure to post the improvement! Update 29 Nov 13: My son just received his ACT Score - he achieved a full 4 point increase overall in Math. Thanks Doug!

verified wyzant user

Dominique H. from Colorado Springs, CO With only 3 weeks to receive a passing grade in my class and only being able to have 3 sessions a week, Doug really helped me to get through all the needed lessons in due time and help me understand what I was learning. He is great with math and he understands student needs. I would definitely recommend him as a tutor!

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