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Free Pre-K Through Child Care Network

21 March 2014


A few lucky states across the country may qualify for free pre-K through Child Care Network. Child Care Network offers early education and child care to families at an affordable price. Each day, every child is given a free breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack to help make the care even more affordable.


Families living in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina may be eligible for free pre-K through Child Care Network. The states all offer the programs to four-year-olds based on specific birthdate guidelines.


Georgia’s is a lottery-based system for kids who turn four by September 1 and are Georgia residents. There are no income eligibility requirements involved in the process and the option to apply is completely up to the parents of the children.


Florida’s Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program, like Georgia’s, is available for families who are technically residents of the state. Eligible children must turn four years old by September 1 of the school year they’re applying for. Florida does not require a registration fee and parents are able to choose from private or public providers. Florida’s Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program prides itself on its strong early language and literary focus.


Free preschool may also be available for children living in North Carolina. Like the others, the option to apply is completely voluntary. The goal of North Carolina’s program is to prepare kids for the rest of their academic careers. Interested parents are encouraged to apply based on the county they live in.


Child Care Network recommends that parents register as early as possible since spots fill up quickly and are nearly almost all taken by the beginning of the school year.





-Free Pre-K Through Child Care Network: http://www.childcarenetwork.com/programs/free-prek

-Photo courtesy of Alan O’Rourke at flicker.com

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