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The 5 Most Common Questions Parents Forgot to Ask During Child Care Tours

21 November 2013

When searching for a child care center or preschool, taking a tour is one of the best ways to clearly find out if the center is a good fit for you & your child. However, with so many things going on during a tour, many important questions to ask the director may slip your mind. Here’s a reminder of some questions that MomTrusted’s Parent Care Team has come across from real parents after their tours.

1) Are meals and snacks provided? And what are the rules on home-made lunches?

One of the most common questions we get from parents is asking about meal plans and inquiring about a center’s nutritional guidelines. Are well-balanced meals served during lunch time? Also, some centers discourage home-made lunches so be sure to ask if they allow it, and if they do, what are the rules and restrictions on them? Make sure that there is a pre-meal routine that includes the children washing their hands.

2) Does the center offer Web Cam surveillance for parents?

The 21st century brought heaping amounts of technology to day cares and pre-schools alike. This technology includes Webcam surveillance that many centers have put into place. Being able to check up on your little one online while they are in their classrooms will give you some comfort. This technology allows parents to oversee exactly what their children are learning, and playing with.

3) Are scholarships or financial assistance programs provided?

Price is usually not a subject that is overlooked. However, financial assistance occasionally is. Many centers accept financial assistance programs, but they are specific programs. Find out which ones to make paying for daycare or preschool as stress free as possible. Ask questions about their part-time programs or hourly rates, and especially don’t forget to ask about scholarships for those who cannot afford full tuition!

4) What is the center’s discipline philosophy?

This question usually slips the mind of parents as they take their tour. Every center has their own policy on discipline. Asking the Director how a school handles disruptive students and how parents are notified will save you a shock later if your child is disciplined in a way that is not compatible with the way you discipline your child. Find out their policies on time-outs, and especially how they deal with behavior such as scratching, fighting, or biting.

5) What is their security policy?

Security, more importantly, the security of our children is more important today than ever before. More and more, I have parents asking me about a center’s security standards after their tour. Make sure that play areas are fenced in, and that entrances and exits are properly monitored. Also, find out what the center’s policy is on who exactly can pick up your child if you are unavailable. Asking the Director about their security policies, plans, and protocols will give you some peace of mind.

Now that you have your list of questions, ready to visit some centers? Schedule a Tour on our site today!

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