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Make a Sock into a Face Mask in 2 Minutes or Less!

26 September 2020

So, if you are like me, you are not the strongest sewer on the planet. Although I consider myself fairly crafty, it would take some real time and dedication to brush up on my sewing skills. In a time of masks being encouraged or required in public spaces, I had been looking at several ways to make basic masks but did not actually have the motivation to learn to sew all of a sudden. I found this sock-to-mask solution and it was just my style- simple and quick.

This may take a little experimentation so do not try this on socks that you deeply care for. A very large ankle sock could work but I recommend something a little longer, perhaps in the crew or tube variety. Remember, these are supposed to be form fitting so you may have to stretch it out a little before wearing it out comfortably. And… I hate that I have to say this… but a sock is NOT a medical grade barrier but is better than nothing in a pinch. Check out the how-to video to make your own!

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