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Tips for Transitioning to a New Childcare Provider

25 February 2014

Did you just hire a new nanny for the summer? Or maybe you’re a new childcare provider just starting out with a new family. No matter which side of the job you’re on, we have a few tips to make the transition as easy as possible. Here are some tips for transitioning to a new childcare provider smoothly:

Tips for the new care provider:

-Stay busy! Plan lots of activities. Busy kids don’t have time to miss Mom and Dad.

-Naptime is tough so have each child bring a special blanket or stuffed animal to sleep with.

-Make Mom and Dad a present. If you sense homesickness, turn to craft time. Have each child make a special gift to give to their parents at the end of the day.

-Keep things social. Playtime involving social interaction helps eliminate homesickness by fulfilling the need for others.

Tips for Mom:

-Talk about all the fun stuff they’ll do at their new care center and all of the new friends they’ll make.

-Also, if they’re old enough to understand, try playing up the “big kid” aspect and how only older kids get to go to daycare.

-Ask your care provider if you can send a special, favorite toy with. Or maybe a favorite blanket for naptime.

-When packing lunch, pack a few tasty favorites! You can also sneak a special note or drawing in there to let them know you’re thinking of them.

-After you pick them up, always ask what they did. They’ll share all of their favorite parts of the day and you can remind them of these the next time they’re hesitant to part ways.

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