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Five Tips for Finding Affordable Child Care

30 September 2013

The cost of child care is no joke. Today, many child care centers cost as much annually as in-state college tuition. That’s like paying for college twice for each child you have. No one’s bank account can take (or should have to handle) that kind of pressure. But don’t worry Mom Trusted is here to help with our list of five tips for finding affordable child care in your area:


Ask around

Because we know friends, family and neighbors are more trustworthy than an ad or article, head to the people you know first. See who they’re using for care providers and compare prices.


Look into financial assistance with child care

You may be eligible for financial help paying for day care for your child. Programs like Head Start help millions of low-income families pay for child care. Find out more about Head Start programs in your area by using the online Head Start Locator. Many states offer financial assistance to their residents as well so don’t forget to check with your local agency.


Talk to the centers themselves

Look into grants, scholarships and financial assistance from the care centers themselves. Some, like the Child Care Network, offer free pree-K programs, along with affordable care for younger kids.


Visit Mom Trusted

Mom Trusted knows how difficult it is to find an affordable child care center that you trust. Our entire site is dedicated to helping parents with the child care selection process. You can use our search tool to find and compare a long list of care options in your area. View everything from teaching philosophies to licenses and accreditations. You can even see which of your own friends recommend the center. Start searching on Mom Trusted today.





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