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5 Reasons KinderCare Centers are Child Care Rock Stars

27 August 2013

KinderCare centers offer child care with a twist: they embrace learning in each and every aspect of their day-to-day activities, overall philosophies and even meals. The centers are easily accessible, both in the real and virtual worlds. If you know much about their philosophy you know what rock stars they really are. Here are five reasons KinderCare stands out:


Blending learning with fun

KinderCare centers pride themselves on their unique approach to child care, and for good reason. The centers put a high emphasis on educational learning, but they do so through games, songs, crafts and activities. On a scale of 10 to one, KinderCare takes number F-U-N.


Praising preparation

Staff members at KinderCare centers are encouraged to show up prepared. Each game comes with a game plan. Each activity has a lesson. Every craft has an overarching goal.


Blowing up social media channels

KinderCare makes better use of social media than nearly any other care providers that we’ve seen. Their Twitter feed is jam-packed with retweets of positive shout-outs from their happy customers. KinderCare’s Facebook timeline is filled with open-house announcements and answers to customer questions. Nearly 16,000 follow them on Twitter and over 28,000 on Facebook. The care provider’s 29 Pinterest boards offer everything kid-friendly from children’s books to messy crafts. KinderCare knows how to interact and inspire the social media world.


Celebrating a healthy lifestyle from the start

Encouraging healthy nutrition every day helps teach little ones the importance of eating right. KinderCare believes that good eating habits are essential parts of learning. That’s why centers work to include a variety of healthy meals and snacks, touching on many different food groups. While the type and number of meals may vary from location to location, their philosophy on the importance of eating right remains constant throughout all KinderCare centers.


Making their centers accessible

KinderCare has 1,600 centers across the country. Odds are, if you live by any city or suburb, you can find a center within reasonable distance to you. Search in your area to see all the local KinderCare ceners or click here to see the center nearest you.

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