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The Strong Start for America's Children Act

12 December 2013


Preschool and early learning programs are incredibly important for young children, but unfortunately, most families simply can’t afford this sort of quality care. It was shocking for us to learn that in most U.S. states, the cost of child care and preschool is much more than the cost of college.

Every child deserves the chance to succeed, and quality child care at the preschool level is where it all starts. Children with high-quality learning experiences are more likely to graduate from high school, become employed and stay out of trouble. In order to make this type of success a reality for children of all backgrounds, a new bill has been introduced in the Senate and House called the Strong Start for America’s Children Act. This bill will provide access to quality child care services at the pre-kindergarden level for low income children and provide new funding for quality learning programs for toddlers and infants.

Everyone at Mom Trusted feels very passionately about this bill and we have already asked our Senators for support. If you feel the same way, we encourage you to allow your voice to be heard and do the same; simply send a quick email here. It only takes a few minutes and has the potential to change a lot of lives.


-Child Care & Early Education: http://www.clasp.org/issues/in_focus?type=child_care_and_early_education&id=0471

-The Abbott Preschool Program Longitudinal Effects Study: http://nieer.org/resources/research/APPLES.pdf

-Invest in our Little Learners!: http://action.momsrising.org/sign/Strong_Start/?akid=4844.1613730.PVY3iF&rd=1&t=4

-Photo courtesy of MomsRising.org

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