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10 Parenting Tips for Moms of Young Children

29 August 2020

Raising children is one of the most challenging and at the same time fulfilling jobs a mother can do. A young mother can be frustrated trying to fit in everything in her schedule. However, if you are looking for some guidelines on how to properly raise kids, The Queen Momma has all the available and helpful information, inspiration, day to day motivation, and so much parenting knowledge.

Here are some of the parenting tips every mother should consider while raising young children.

1. Don’t compare yourself to other moms.

It is sometimes normal to watch other moms treating their kids in a certain way and wonder if you are doing enough for yours too. Also, comparing your children to others is not healthy since each kid grows in their way. Parents and their upbringing skills are different and unique in their own way.

Just remember that there is no better way in raising kids. The only thing you should do is raise them in the best way possible.

2. You don’t have to be a supermom.

We all desire to raise our kids in the best way possible. This means we would want to take care of their kids by cooking healthy and delicious meals, spend quality time bonding with their kids, and also find meaningful work even if it is outside the home. However, this might not go as planned leading to moms falling out of their expectations.

This is because kids are also people who have their personalities and family situations are very different; leading to different needs and responsibilities.

3. Ask for help.

Asking for help from your friends and family does not mean you are less of a mother. Allowing yourself to ask for help is very essential. Some mothers find it difficult to ask for help due to some of our cultural values such as self-reliance. However, relying completely on yourself to raise your kids can fully drain you emotionally and even physically.

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Parenting is very draining and also difficult. Being too hard on yourself will not make you a perfect mother, it will only worsen things. It can also lead to disappointing your kids from time to time. You’ll not only disappoint them but also hurt their feelings. Once you find yourself in such a situation, give them cuddles and an apology too.

5. Soak in the perfect moments.

As a mom, it is sometimes very hard to enjoy some good moments since raising kids can be very difficult. However, there are times when your kids make you so happy by kissing and hugging you as if they do not want to let you go. Once you experience these moments, soak them in since you will get your life back one day.

Regardless of parenting being stressful, it is also amazing being a mum.

6. Simplify your home.

There are times you will feel you are having too much time with your kids or even picking up after them. You can simplify your home by rotating some of the toys or even removing the toys in a while. Children are very innocent, they won’t even notice some of the toys are taken away from them for a while.

However, getting rid of them will reduce your stress.

7. Children need positive attention.

Giving your children positive attention and energy will only prevent them from looking for negative attention. They behave like this since any attention whether positive or negative is better than being ignored by your parents. Always talk to your kids and know what they want.

8. Identify your kid’s strengths.

Once you get to know your kid’s strength you will be able to give them confidence, allowing them to solve problems they are facing can also help them build up their self-esteem. Your kids will also learn how to rectify their behaviors in case they do something wrong.

9. Prioritize a few things each day.

Multitasking for a mother with kids can be challenging at times. If you can’t do everything the same day save it up for the next day. Do this by making a list of a must-do and don’t forget yourself while making the list. Go work out or take a coffee break…you deserve it!

10. Communication is a priority.

Surprisingly, kids won’t do everything just because you said so. They also want an explanation as to why they should be doing it. You must explain why they have to do as you told for them to see your value and understand your motives. Reasoning with your children will only help them understand without being judgmental.

Be clear about your expectations.

Parenting is all about the impact you will have on your kids. This means what they will be in the future heavily depends on you as a mother. Ensure you give them the best you can since the results will be your joy and happiness.

~ Parent submission August 2020

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