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Five Health Priorities as You Enter Middle Age

14 December 2020

The health system has been set up to service the population’s mass – from the very old to the very young and the just-born. This means that there is no particular focus on the middle-aged: indeed, middle-aged people are expected to get on with life, taking care of elderly relatives, and raising children – often at the expense of their health. That’s where this article comes in. We can collectively take a little more responsibility for our health in middle age by focusing on the following five problem areas and visiting the doctor when we notice an issue.


The C-word should top this list, simply because the incidence rate of cancer shoots up in the middle-aged, from very low in the under-35 age group. This is a time to be very aware of how cancer can develop in your body – and the danger areas for men and women. Check your body regularly, and accept all the screenings you’re invited to in middle age.


Your eyes are your windows out to the world, and after nearly half a century of peering, staring, reading, and watching, they can get tired, damaged, or ill. If you feel like you’re developing cataracts, learn more at Panoptix IOL about cataract surgery and your options for treatment. If you’re struggling to see short or long distances, priorities getting glasses – straining your eyes without them damages your retinas profoundly over time.


They say that your health is established by the age of 25 – and after that, all you need to do is maintain it. That’s not exactly true. As your body changes in middle age, different hormones begin to flow around your body. Some can make you gain weight, and others can make you lose muscle. Then, middle-age is just the time to get back into exercise – putting more effort in than usual into maintaining your figure and physique.

Heart and Lungs

These two parts of your body are responsible for many deaths in the middle-aged and old-aged. Lung and heart failure can come at any time and can wipe out those who seemed, on the surface, rather healthy. Heart disease is often the result of poor diet and low levels of exercise, while lung issues are often related to smoking or working in an industry that exposes your lungs to the ravages of dust particles.

Brain and Mind

Finally, no list regarding your health would be complete without inspecting how your mental health is faring in middle age. Are you comfortable and happy, or are you stressed, anxious, and suffering from periods of depression? Is this the time to get help – in the form of therapy, counseling, or even medication? And are you still challenging yourself and learning from the world around you? Keeping mentally sharp means always seeking newness and new lessons from the world – and this will help you maintain an excellent mind in later life.

These five tips are of critical importance for those in middle age who care about their long-term health.

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