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Head Start Backers Fight Back Against the Government Shutdown… With $10 Million!

14 October 2013


Several Head Start programs, dedicated to prepping kids for kindergarten free of charge, across the country were forced to close their doors and send their preschoolers home earlier this month. When the government shutdown happened, a handful of programs in states, such as Alabama, Florida, Connecticut and Mississippi, were forced to close their doors. For them, funding ran out at the end of September and, without a way to pay for the programs, they were forced to send 3,200 preschoolers home indefinitely. That was until a billionaire couple decided to fight back against the government shutdown.


John and Laura Arnold donated $10 million to help keep Head Start programs keep their doors open. Their private funding helped reopen preschools in six separate states.


For parents who send their children to Head Start due to lack of income and inability to afford other preschool programs, the Arnolds’ donation was a lifesaver. When the doors closed, some low-income families had no other option, but to stay home with their children or lean on friends and family temporarily. The donation and reopening of the closed preschools came as a huge relief to families across the country.


Head Start offers free preschool to four-year-olds around the country. They’re one of the leading care providers, helping to prep kids for a full, successful academic career. Mom Trusted fully backs Head Start. For more information, visit our list of Head Start providers.




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-Photo seen here: http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/1o4a4q/please_open_the_government/

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