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7 Unique Gift Ideas For Your Partners Birthday

11 September 2020

Birthdays are a special occasion, whether you are 3 or 53. There is always a sense of excitement surrounding the day, with one of the best parts of it being seeing your family and friends. There is also another part that people enjoy and that’s giving gifts. Some people enjoy giving more than they do receiving, so if you want to make your partners next birthday extra special, here are 7 unique gift ideas based on the guides from Eternity Rose.

Constellation Map

These constellation maps aren’t just a random snapshot of the night sky. You can select which date you want to input. This could be your partners date of birth, the day you met or even your wedding day. The company then shows you the star map of that date and time and then you send it to print. Don’t worry though, you aren’t just getting a map of the sky with no context. The constellation maps come beautifully framed with the key information under the map. You can even personalize the color of the print and the frame choice to make it extra special.

Short Breaks

Some people would rather receive experiences than gifts and if your partner is like this, why not look into a short weekend away for the pair of you, or if you want to include the kids, why not. You don’t even have to adventure far, you could do something totally new like camping. But if you do want to get away for 4 days, why not look at a city break. You can see some amazing cities relatively cheaply without breaking the bank balance. They are also very easy to facilitate, simply fly out on the Friday morning and then return home on the Sunday or Monday, so you are back in time for work.

Driving Experience

Driving experiences can be a whole manner of things. If your partner likes cars, or just likes going fast then this is an excellent way for them to get their fix. There are so many different options available at an array of locations. You don’t just have to choose the super car experience. You can choose from things such as a 4×4 experience, rally experience and track days. If you want your partner to take something away from the day, why not look at a driving course? These are excellent skills that you may need one day.

Personalised Leather Key Tag

If your partner is one of those people that either has everything or doesn’t want anything, why not keep it small and simple. You can new get embossed leather key tags. They are small and professional and attach to your keys, so you don’t lose them. The leather can be embossed with anything you want it to say. From the date you were married, their name or even a sweet message. This is ideal if you are getting your partner an experience gift and still want them to be able to open something on the day.

Bacon Making Kit

There are very few households where bacon doesn’t go down a treat with at least one person in the home, and if that person is your partner, why not look at a bacon making kit? These kits come with everything you need so that you can cure your own pork to make bacon. All you will need to do is add pork to the shopping list next time you are out in preparation for the big day. The process does take time, but the results are absolutely worth it and who knows, maybe it’ll become a new hobby.

Taster Menu

Again, this is ideal if your partner says they don’t want anything but loves food. Taster menu are an affordable way to eat at some of the best restaurants in the world. You get up to 12 courses spread across a few hours and you can really indulge in what is on offer. If your partner has a favorite chef, see if they have any sister restaurants where something like this is available.

Photo Books

Gone are the days where we used to paw through photo albums to look at photos, now it seems that everything is stored in a digital capacity. If you miss the days of looking through your best snaps, why not make a photobook of you and your partner. There is an array of services online where you can get this done and it will bring joy to you and your family.

Stay Calm

When it comes to choosing a unique gift, don’t panic. There are plenty that are available that aren’t the run of the mill jewellery or electronics. Have a think about what your partner likes and what they want to do, you’ll find the answer will come to you quicker than you would have thought!

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