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How to Travel With Kids

18 November 2020

Just because you’ve had children doesn’t mean that you have to stop traveling! There’s no way around it; traveling with children will be totally different from when you traveled without them, but different doesn’t have to mean worse.

You can use travel as a way to carve out some precious time with your family, and enjoy teaching your children about other cultures and ideas into the bargain!


It’s important when planning to travel with children in tow that you select destinations that they will enjoy as well; otherwise, you’ll be left with small angry people on your hands, and nobody wants that!

When thinking about the best destinations for traveling with children, think about planning a trip that has an amount of walking that won’t be too much for your little ones and where you can find activities that they can take part in.

Almost any place can be great with kids as long as you plan well, so try to find a local guide who you can speak to before you go to help you to plan a trip that suits all of your needs.


Long haul flights with kids in tow aren’t really the things that dreams are made of; it’s definitely worth investigating alternative modes of transportation if you can. The easiest option is probably if you can drive, but ferries and trains are great options for kids too.

If you are going to fly, you can make it easier by planning out how you will get to the airport. For example, Parkon provides Newark airport parking, which you can book and pay for via an app, so that’s one less thing on your to-do list! It’s also a good idea to ensure that you have plenty of ways to keep your kids entertained on a flight; think about loading up a tablet with lots of games and films for them to enjoy.


The temptation can be to go for self-catered accommodation because it makes it easier for you to prepare food that you know your children will eat. However, this does mean that your trip isn’t much of a break for you!

Instead, think about a hotel that serves a buffet-style breakfast. This way, you can also load up on snacks to keep you all going throughout the day. Bonus points if your hotel is centrally located and also has a pool because you’ll save your children’s legs and be able to easily entertain them.

Plan in Advance

When traveling with kids, it’s well worth doing your research in advance in terms of how you will make the trip entertaining for them when you get there.

Make a point of finding classes and activities that you can all take part in and restaurants that have good reviews from other families who have been there. If your children are older, you could even plan to visit places of historical interest that are relevant to their studies. If you have a lot of different plans up your sleeve, you won’t be caught short, and you’ll be able to relax and have a great time.

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