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What Shoes Should A Pregnant Woman Wear?

19 November 2020

While the miracle of pregnancy brings a lot of joy along with it, it also brings a lot of discomfort to the body. The back is often a big complaint, but one of the most consistent aches is the feet. Thankfully, there are some solutions to ensuring that your feet are as comfortable as possible. The best and easiest place to start is to look at your feet. What kind of shoes are you wearing? And, what kinds of shoes should you be wearing?

Causes of Foot Discomfort

Let’s first review the reasons your feet hurt so much while you are pregnant. If you have been carrying on with your typical daily activities throughout your pregnancy, you will see that your feet hurt more and more. This is because as you get heavier, there is more fluid build-up within your body. The fluid naturally flows down with gravity, settling in your feet. This can cause your feet to seem larger or even wider than they normally do.

The other cause of foot pain is the pressure from the extra weight on your body and from your shoes. If you liked wearing high heels before becoming pregnant, you might find that these are becoming less and less possible as you progress through your pregnancy. To give your feet some added comfort, you should look for shoes pregnant women should wear.

Things to Look for

When you are looking for shoes for a pregnant woman, there are a few factors to focus on. These include:

  • Width: You might not have had wide feet before pregnancy, but if you are dealing with wide feet now, you need to make sure that you are wearing only the best shoes for wide feet for women which are recommended in this article. Pregnancy is temporary and most women report their feet returning to normal width after giving birth.
  • Heel: Like we said above, wearing high heels while pregnant is not possible for most people. Instead, look for stacked heels, and definitely shoes that are low to the ground. Wearing heels can put added pressure on your legs and back as well as increase foot discomfort.
  • Insole: Next, look at the insole of the shoes. Memory foam is especially comfortable for pregnant women as it will cushion your feet well and allow you to move more freely. If you cannot find shoes that come with comfortable insoles, you can always buy a better pair of insoles to help support your arches.
  • Closure: You can also take a look at how the shoes closes. Slip-on shoes are nice when you have a growing belly to work around, but they also do not have a lot of give when it comes to expanding feet. Instead, you might want to get no-tie laces, or shoes that have a more flexible stretch opening.
  • Quality: You might be thinking that since your feel could just be swollen from pregnancy that you can get away with wearing low-quality shoes. This is not always true. You may want to stick with high-quality shoes to help keep your feet as comfortable as possible during this uncomfortable time especially if you’re standing or walking a lot.

What to do about Swollen Feet?

Getting shoes that fit your feet is a perfect place to start when you are trying to make your feet comfortable. The second thing is, what can you do about swelling feet? Many women continue to work their jobs, regardless of its intensity, throughout most of their pregnancies. Being upright will cause your feet to hurt and to swell. Naturally, you are unlikely to be able to just quit your job, so you may need to make other adjustments to compensate.

If you stand at a counter or behind a register all day, request that there be a stool available to sit on during your shift. You can also see about being transferred to another department if the work is too rigorous. After work, try to put your feet up for a while. Having your feet in the air at an angle above your heart will help reduce the swelling to your feet.

Additionally, you can soak your feet or put an ice pack on them to help with discomfort. There are ultimately many things that you can try, but the best thing is to make sure that you are wearing the right shoes.

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